Sunday, January 30, 2011


I stayed in my room the whole weekend nursing fever and when you're bored out of your brains you find amusement in a lot of things. This reminds me of my 2 month bed rest in the last trimester of my pregnancy (that was worse). Although that was the time I started playing Call of Duty and watching UFC, I hope and pray I never have to go thru that again. 

This weekend I have been lying in bed resting. I watched Black Swan, 127 Days, and The Fighter. Movies can only keep you entertained for a while. My eyes easily get tired from watching television. Plus I have my television telling me to "protect my eyesight" because it has been "3 hours of non-stop viewing." 

I walked around the room and had a great idea. I fixed my closet which I later on regret. I hit my head on the wall thinking "what did you do dork?!" It took me at least two hours to sort out everything and it still is not as organized as I want it to be. Letting go is just so difficult. I need a closet do-over! Please? Anyone?? 

I realized so many things in my 2-day ordeal here in bed. First I need a pedicure real bad. I always go to Dashing Divas. They do your nails real well. But I am not a fan of their foot scrub and their seating. It is just not comfortable. I find myself wanting to rush out of there right away. 

Second, I need a haircut. Nothing crazy, just a trim. I used to just go anywhere but when Moussa cut and colored my hair for my J&J TVC I know I have to go back to Emphasis Salon in Rockwell. He is the best! He will tell you straight (from a straight man's perspective) what looks good on you. He listens to what you want and makes it work for your hair type.

Third, there is not enough stores for children or babies here in our country. I salute Ben Chan for now managing Mother Care Philippines since June 24, 2010. Very excited for the Greenbelt branch because they are expanding. Baby Company is also providing the market with better merchandise. But I still cannot find the shopping basket that goes with my son's Quinny Buzz stroller. Just give us one big store that has everything please? Babies R Us?? 

Fourth, I need to do something for my husband. He's been taking extra care for me. That is his thing. I am super needy when I am not well. If you work in the hospital you will probably hate me. I often cry when I am sick. I know... I am such a loser... not a bitch... I promise! Just dramatic! He has been so patient with me. I try to make sure I always say thank you and let him know I love him so much more. He is also the most adorable handy man I know. I have to post this. Whenever I have to look for a remote control for something I know where to find it. My husband likes to "velcro" things. We have the remote control for our air conditioner on the side of our bed. As for our stand fan, the remote control  is "velcro-ed" on top of it just to make sure we do not lose it. 



Fifth, I am loving this new water that I use when I am working out. At first I was pessimistic. Water is water. H2O! Nothing else you need when you are working out. My friend made me try this different type of water.  It has electrolytes in it. It is supposed to keep me hydrated for a longer period of time without the sugar and calories. I will tell you more about it in a different entry. I have all the time in the world to do so! I just realized now how long this entry is.  I have to save my energy to get better, which reminds me, I have to take my medication. Now!   


  1. pretty girl please take a rest

  2. All hands down to you Ms. Angelicopter for playing Call of Duty! *BOW* :) Imma big fan of your morning radio show, GTWM! More power!