Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I know all the boys will drool at this. Not only because she is hot and sexy but because Olivia Munn is wearing a see thru lace underwear on the cover of Maxim's February issue. Some people are reacting violently and requesting for it to be removed from the displays of magazine stands because it is not for children to see. It sparked quite a controversy in the US.

I just wish we can spark that kind of reaction here in our country because I see a lot of FHM Magazine covers that are worse than Munn's shot right here. Fine FHM you can sell your magazines but it must be regulated and made sure that it is not by the grocery cashier where my son can see it while I pay for our stuff. Gone are the days for adult sections in bookstores. Sure you are not selling it to children but they can see it. Oh my gulay! 


  1. its a marketing strategy nowadays wearing sexy underwears or even a small something... paint... covering their body so that many people buy the magazine...


  2. yeah, i think that's obvious

  3. Im shocked that you chose that side in this issue. Youre mad over some sexy pictures? really? Your name effin screams sex and youre scared that children will see girls in revealing positions? really? change your name first then we can talk about the pictures. im not a hater and im actually a big fan. im just shocked. - rich

  4. I actually agree with the lady here, rich. It is her opinion, to which I agree even though I have a daughter and not a son. No need to connect it to her pseudonym. I believe that they are mutually exclusive, isn't that correct, Ms?

    There are some newsstands that add a paper covering (leaving the magazine titles still visible) that I have seen while traveling when adult magazines are displayed. Perhaps this can be lobbied here as well? What do you think, milady? :-)

  5. rich's rant went off course. sablay, pre!

    -- æ

  6. Hahaha! I think what chopper is trying to pint out is that nudity is acceptable but place it right. And Paul said they cover it up in news stands I think is a good idea or just put it at the back or something. Try to read it again and maybe you'll get the message of this entry. I'm a fan of the copter too and I think you got this one wrong rich.

  7. @poster right before me: *snap fingers* Focus, young man, focus! ;-)

    Considering that I've seen worse pictures on the covers of US men's magazines, I'm surprised that Olivia Munn's photo raised a ruckus. Still, to each their sensibilities.

    Re: FHM photos, those ones posted here are quite racy. That being said, I'm not sure if it's entirely FHM's fault if a grocery store X places them on the magazine racks right next to the candy at the checkout counter. Feel free to supply grocery store names here.

    National Bookstore, for example, used to keep FHM behind the cashier's counter and out of everyone's view, and would only take it out upon request of a buyer, precisely for that reason (though I'm not sure if they still practice this). So I think you're barking up the wrong tree here Chopper.

    The next time you see a men's magazine wantonly displayed in a grocery store, I suggest you ask to speak to the manager and just explain to them that they should know better than to display +18 material in places where minors can easily see them.

  8. Pahabol: re Paul's suggestion - depending on the gravity of the picture, the use of paper slips to cover the nudity is also practiced here, albeit sporadically. I'm not certain though if it's the publisher doing it or if it is the distributor/seller. This is an excellent practice, and I agree with Paul that we should lobby to get this done as a standard practice for +18 mags.

  9. Obviously Chopper did not say all stores displayed FHM or other adult magazines on the counter for all the kiddos to see. You are taking her statements literally. Her point was to get it regulated in displays just like how Paul suggested for it to be covered if it were on the stands or just keep it at the back like how National Bookstore would do it.

    And yes, dealers should be prudent enough to know how to display or sell adult magazines. Sana nga someone would lobby this in the congress.

  10. Rich, you're judging the blogger by her handle. Its a name coined to her by her co-host on radio. Back to the topic. Its still conservative here compared to the US. we don't see hustler being sold on 7eleven.

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  12. you morons! as usual youre all just sucking up to angelicopter. its about the big picture. if youre going to preach about the topic of sex/nudity then you should live by it.

    its like when a person professes about living drug free life then takes sleeping pills to go to sleep. dont be a hypocrite.

  13. Cool, man! You need ton know the difference between drugs (I guess you mean the illegal ones) and meds (the ones prescribed, say for insomnia)

    And as another gentleman mentioned, her handle is one bestowed on her unceremoniously by a co-host.

    Really off topic now. My apologies.

    Back to topic.
    The question is: who determines the "gravity" of the picture? Who determines if it is porn or art? Soft porn or hard porn? etc etc etc.