Friday, January 7, 2011


SPANX has been around for 10 years now but I am surprised that not a lot of Filipina women are embracing it (or perhaps the other way around). I found out that not a lot of my friends use it but after recommending it to them they just die! Not literally but they love it! 

They can wear any of their outfits well! 

If I am not mistaken a little bit over a year ago the Rustan's group brought in SPANX and can now be found in their department store. I must say though, they do not carry much of the newer collection and not much variety. 

So what are SPANX undergarments? Well its the body shaping, but lifting, waist slimming, thigh firming underwear every woman AND man should own. 

It works by hugging you in all the right places and keeping your body nice and tight underneath your dress or suit. It sounds painful but its very comfortable.

Don't you just hate it when you find a photo of yourself and you're looking all amazing but whoops, there goes your exhale tummy. This product takes care of it! 

You will never have to worry about letting out an exhale ever again thanks to SPANX's Hide and Sleek Body Smoother (that's the one I have but am now ordering the seamless one of the Skinny Britches Collection).

Now they have several styles, shapes, and colors to choose from. If you check out their website you will see there options for slimming levels. Yes, you can choose from MEDIUM, SUPER, to SUPER-DUPER! 

Don't you worry guys! They now have SPANX for men. You won't have to worry about tucking in your shirt anymore. Say goodbye to your old white under shirt and say hello to your new wing man!

You can go online and learn more about SPANX through their website. There are a lot of reviews available in the internet about their products to help you.  TRUST ME!!! It's a great product!! A MUST HAVE!!!


  1. I have Spanx! :) So much better than girdles - doesn't bulge! :)

  2. hi. Help pls. Where can I buy this? And how much? Tnx.