Monday, January 17, 2011


The 2011 Golden Globes just passed and we are always curious to see who wore what. I know a lt of you guys out there adore Natalie Portman. I do too! She is really gorgeous, hot, and a great actress! 

Your dreams and fantasies were all probably shattered when you found out that she's pregnant. Gone are the sexy photos (for now) and hello baby bump! What is up with the rose Portman? Hubby should've just given you a corsage. I will say it, no pregnant woman, not even a hollywood celebrity can look "sexy" during pregnancy. I said it so go tell it! But you look pretty Portman just not sessi! =) 

One more celebrity that caught my eye (and not because of the usual reason) is Scarlett Johansen. Is it just me or did she lose some considerable amount of weight. The girls looked like they went on a strict diet too. She looks great though!  

Is that Carrie Mulligan? Or Michelle Williams? That was my reaction when I one of them... Then it dawned me, oh they are sporting the same 'do now. Michelle channelling the Carrey. She looks nice-r just because she looks younger than Carey here (check out their skin). They both look pretty! I wish I could sport that hair style but never will I be able to rock it! 


  1. Just to correct you, Michelle Williams had that pixie cut even before Carey Mulligan was famous. Its just that, Michelle isn't in the limelight as much as Carey :)

  2. Thank you! I think Michelle Williams wears it better. ;)