Monday, January 10, 2011


I try to get out of the house and stroll every weekend for several reasons but the main reason I guess is to see what's new in the metro.  Just yesterday I decided to go to the Greenbelt mall for a change from the usual Powerplant and Shangri-la Plaza that I frequent. This is what caught my attention. 

Yes, it is the new BELO CLINIC located at The Residences at Grennbelt Makati City. On its soft opening the clinic is looking very posh. Oh and it is very accessible. Dra. Vicki Belo might as well have bought the whole ground level of The Residences because they got almost the whole frontage by the looks of it. 

I did go inside to adore the fabulous clinic and got some photos to share with everyone. Being that it will be launched in February I can only share some photos. Let me show you some details that I love about the design of the clinic (because we already know that I love their services and treatments right?).

They put a lot  of what seems to be like mother of pearl sea shells on their walls. It really looks great with the lighting they have inside the clinic. 

If you haven't noticed from the previous photos, they have a super duper high ceiling at The Residences clinic. I love chandeliers and this one is really nice.

I need a desk in our bedroom so I am obsessing and I love this one. Actually, Cristalle Belo Henares showed me the one in Dra. Vicki Belo's office and it is the perfect size but I cannot post a photo of her office here (if you follow her on twitter she tweeted a photo of it the other day...I told you I need to find a desk soon. It's haunting me on twitter!).  The one in her office is actually a larger version of this desk. Can someone please tell me where I can get this desk?  Thank you!

I love lounge areas not because I love sitting but because I love feeling comfortable even when I'm outside my home. I do not mind waiting if they take care of me and it is undisputed that not only the treatments in Belo are good but service is top notch as well!  Good job!

I will definitely drop by the grand opening (assuming I'm invited...hahahahaha!) and even if this is far from where I live (which is Marikina) I have a feeling I will be frequenting this clinic as well. You have to see it for yourself and I promise to update you guys but cannot post all the photos... yet!  But you can all swing by and get a facial. Book your appointment now! Call 819-BELO!  


  1. mayaman.... ako SM lang pasyalan =D

  2. Where can I find your clinic location in mall?I have face acne problem that caused from pimples.Is it affordable price of non surgical treatment?