Monday, January 10, 2011


Every one would appreciate a second chance in life to make-up for mistakes made. Sometimes it gets so hard and tough that giving up would seem like a viable option. It is not! Meet TED WILLIAMS who probably had it worse than most of us.

Ted Williams' story is really inspirational. After all the drugs and alcohol he decided to get his life straight. He knew that he just needed that break. Two years sober he roamed the streets of America carrying a sign saying he has the "golden voice" hoping someone would notice and give him a shot. Lucky Ted, someone noticed and was intrigued enough to give him a shot. Lo and behold, another YouTube sensation.

Maybe we will hear his voice on air here soon! I hope not to replace me... ;) 


  1. It's never too late to call God and ask forgiveness. that way, humility will come a long long way to your blessings

  2. Question... is magic 89.9 in the philippines a copycat of magic 98.9 in the states? hmmmmm

  3. um i think it's time to ditch my favourite camo jacket