Monday, February 28, 2011


My friend showed me this video over a month ago and I thought it was funny. Perhaps you are more familiar with it and have seen it a thousand times. Nevertheless, it is still worth sharing. 

The two guys you will see on the video remind me of Ariel and Maverick's tandem. Rex Kantatero and Pakito Jones, their on-air names, are radio DJs on 93.9 iFM. They have a morning radio show called the Kamote Club. Have not yet listened to them (hello?? Im part of a morning radio show you all love). I just think this is funny. Who knows, they might earn a spot on TV. 


I came across this really fun video on Facebook. It was a link shared by a friend of mine. I normally do not pay attention to links posted on Facebook but for some reason I decided to "click" on this one. It is a promotional video for Iceland's tourism. It is light, fun, beautiful, happy, and full of energy. I guess that is the message they want to get across. No tag lines such as "Pilipinas, kay ganda." 

Philippines Department of Tourism do we have a new video to promote our country? Im trying to search for one over the internet and I can't seem to find an updated one. This is what I found though! With a little tweak and more visuals this might be a nice promotional video (if it isn't yet). 


About a few days ago I blogged about a woman who asked for advice regarding her marriage (click here). Her husband cheated on her and she wanted to know if her decision was the right one. It took me a while to reply to her because I wanted to collect my thoughts before I try to give her my two cents. I posted her email to see what the people thought about the situation. Most of the comments were expected.  Most people told her to leave her husband. 

After sending Lulu (let's "name" her so that I can stop using pronouns) my reply I go on with my usual daily routine. When I am not busy I am lucky to catch the Oprah show on cable. That night's episode was about Gayle and why she stayed with her husband, Ted Haggard (evangelical pastor who cheated on his wife). She wrote a book and told us her story.

For Oprah it was an "aha" moment. What Oprah said struck me. She came into her show with no judgements or whatsoever regarding Gayle's decision to stay with her husband. After reading Gayle's book, Why I Stayed, Oprah said that she realized that Gayle has great love for Ted. Most empowered women are not familiar with this. When you are capable of living and making it on your own you're mind set is just that. But there is a greater force out there. It sounds so cliche but it is real, and it exists. 

There are marriages that work and become greater even after a great problem like infidelity because of love and the willingness to keep their love alive. This gave me goosebumps and made me think of Lulu. She loves her husband so much and I support her decision to work on her marriage. I am also glad that her husband is very willing to work on it with her. To keep you updated on Lulu's journey I posted her latest email below.

Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2011 22:14:25 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: your thoughts

Thank you!!!!!!I really appreciate it that you took the time to reply back. It took me a while because I was thinking about what you said.
Their relationship was based on lust/sex--- not even intercourse but just oral sex. I am basing this on the fact that, aside from him saying so...he dropped the girl immediately. He told her that I found out and that he wanted to work on our marriage and apologized for hurting her. Erased all her contact information on his cell (althought I still have a record of all her numbers, fb account, multiply etc), email etc. He claimed this and I checked. I still keep checking. He was also unfriended on FB. He doesn't know I have access to his email and FB. I pretend that I have no idea how his cellphone works but I check regularly whenever he leaves his phone lying around.  He saw her a couple of times but they didn't acknowledge each other and all these instances were immediately reported to me via text. 
I keep telling him I am concerned about the extent of your relationship. He said that he would say I love you and I miss you so that he could sleep with the girl. We have been great friends but we both realized that we had communication problems these past few years...assuming certain things and not talking about it.  We had sex issues that we are so far addressing.....since making love has improved significantly..and I hope that we can improve some more....
We are more open now to each other about our feelings regardless of whether the other will be offended or hurt.We have talked about more things about what we want and how we can help one another. He says that the fact that he immediately ended their relationship because he loves me and in fear of losing me was a testament to the fact that she was not important.
Good things to hear, right? Yes but I remain more vigilant. Although he has deleted or burned all evidences of that relationship....I have kept my own findings. I was made a fool the first time but maybe not as easily this time.  He suggested counselling for both of us to process what happened and he is determined to make this work.  I told will have to majorly make this up to me ( he knows that nothing financial will make this up to me) - he will have to show me how important I am and technically court me again....earn my trust and prove how much you love me.
Although I have my bouts of wanting to kick his ass, I have seen and felt he is trying to make it up to me. I will give him that chance not only because I love him but because I don't want our children to suffer because of it - at least I did everything that I could to make it work. I have stopped being insecure about myself, how I see myself and my "abilities" in bed. He knows that I do not feel so insecure because I realized that I am so much better that her, I am a better person, a better mother (diba, she would leave her young kids (10 & below) at night to meet up with him?) and I can be a better wife and partner (she is separted). If he doesn't see that, then sorry for him. He does not deserve me. I told him that I will work on our relationship but if I see anything that shows you are not 200% committed, I will walk away.
In the meantime, I will keep my "findings" and start building up my "hidden wealth" - I have asked full disclosure on all funds, accounts and even passwords. He doesn't know that I check because I told him I will check when he is with me. I will keep all these things until I feel that he is worthy to be trusted again.
For some people, there will always be two ways of looking at my situation - either I am being stupid for giving him another chance or I am a doormat for allowing him to step all over me.....I'd like to think I am just rethinking my strategy. He may be the sole breadwinner but I have as much right to our funds and investments as he does even if technically he earns more that I do....but I do take care of the house....and its conjugal property. So I will make sure I and my children will be protected there - in any event it doesn't work out. However, at the rate things are going....things are good. I will let you know how our first counselling session goes sometime this month....
I hope that you will put off putting anything in your blog...I hope that you won't mind...after I have used up your time.....I hope that when I do get back to will be with happy news and to get tips on make up etc and how to enhance our sex life.....
I really really really really really appreciate your taking the time to read and respond to my emails....I hope that I can get the chance to make it up to you.....
p.s. feel free to tell me frankly what you think.....thanks!

Don't worry, I have asked permission from Lulu to post her email. It might give people their own "aha" moment. We'll never know. Mine is simple! I now know what "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE" really means and what it has in store for me. We use the term so loosely often times. We claim to love our partners unconditionally...but do we really know what it means? Are you ready to get hurt? Are you ready to love unconditionally? 

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Almost all of us have Filipino relatives abroad (at least I think that's a safe assumption to make). One of the best perks of having immediate family abroad is the "Balikbayan Box" that they send. My brother lived in California for a while and I have a ton of cousins, aunts, and uncles in the US until now. My husband, being that he is an American citizen, he has a of family and friends in the US as well.

I do not normally go shopping online because most of the things in the US we now have here (for a higher price most of the time).  But when my husband's family calls and asks if we need anything from there we jump the chance to get bargain deals coz it's time for the Balikbayan box to come out.

Here are some of the stuff we received today:


Bathina by Benefit is every girl's must have for glowing skin finish!

I am promoting "Less is More" campaign for women. Don't get used to always wearing make-up. For a light natural coverage use this powder/brush by Bare Minerals. it is SPF 30 and very good for your skin. Very natural and light look! Embrace your real beauty girls!

I know I just said try not to wear make-up as often as you can but sometimes if you're as fair as yours truly you wake up looking like there's no blood flowing on your face. To unlock that pale look A LITTLE BLUSH (only a little girls) should do the trick. I find the NARS Orgasm 4013 perfect for a lot of my friends and myself included.


Don't judge but my husband always wanted to wear boots and never found the perfect opportunity to do so. We are going on a trip to Europe so he opted to go the Dr. Martens route. Yes guys, it's back in fashion! Look around you! More and more guys are sporting the Dr. Martens look in an upgraded way.

I do not get it and I don't think I ever will but I really do not eat this. It is not delicious. But John (my husband) loves his Slim Jim! We always expect to have this in the Balikbayan box. 

About 3 years ago I got my husband a Tassimo coffee machine as a gift. Knowing that we do not have the coffee disks here in the Philippines we would always make sure to stock up. His siblings know better by sending him regularly. I love how you can by different brands and kinds of coffee for your Tassimo. Nearest place to get it is in Hong Kong if you guys are intrigued by it. 


 We just do not have these here and my 19 month old son just can't get enough of these Gerber Graduated Puffs. He learned (or is still learning) to chew by snacking on these bite size cookies. It's choke safe coz it "melts" easily inside his mouth also so I am not so worried if he eats it on his own. 

New toy for my son to play with! Oh my gulay he is so happy! This is a gift from my brother-in-law. You can tell by his reaction that he sure is excited!

The ever sought after Quinny Buzz Stroller Basket! If you own a Buzz and bought it over a year ago you know what I am talking about. My Buzz came with the bag which is helpful but you still need a basket no matter what. I could not find it anywhere here. You have to place a special order (says Mothercare Philippines) and pay extra and all those hassle. Thank goodness for relatives abroad right? I love you all so much!

If I were you and you're thinking of a small business you should be a "personal shopper" and do it via the Balikbayan box method. I'm just thinking aloud. 

Hey, share with me what you received from your Balikbayan box loot or what you want to receive! 


It's my blog so I can post what I want to! I just wanted to share with you the video of my TVC ad for baby powder. It just makes you want to go "Awww..."  Every mother/model always wanted to be part of an ad just like this one. 


Here is an effective marketing strategy for all of the big retail brands out there. Instead of getting a celebrity to endorse your brand, why not get their look-alike?? You pay them probably 1/4 of what you would pay your celebrity endorser and if it is a good look-alike and a great campaign then your TV commercial will be a hit! 

Check out Melisa Molinario who is the new endorser of OLD NAVY! She does a great job in her video oh and yes, she looks like Kim Kardashian (just a little thinner). "Super C-U-T-E" is a new song from the "Old Navy Records. Original Hits. Original Styles." (that is their ad campaign) where in Melissa is the lead of the group called Audio Threadz.

 I wonder if Kim has seen this ad and what she thinks of it. 

Cannot wait to see what other videos Old Navy comes up with for their ad campaign which will release a series of music video-like commercials.

Paging Mr. Ben Chan, if you're looking for a Jessica Alba look-alike feel free to give me a call! You know my direct line! Do you have a celebrity look-alike?? 

Monday, February 21, 2011


One of the more popular segments in our morning radio show is sex and love advice every tuesday. All of us on the show have our own opinions on different matters. This may help (or not) listeners in deciding on what to do with their so-called problems. 

A few days ago I received an email from a woman who is asking for some advice. She wants to stay anonymous so I am not pasting her email address here. I told her let me think about it first because I do not want to just give her any advice (assuming this is not a prank email).  Finally, I decided to reply last night once I have gathered my thoughts on her situation. 

I would like to share with you her email just to get your thoughts on it as well. It might help her (or not). Here goes...

Sent: Tue, February 15, 2011 6:15:11 PM
Subject: sharing

Hi! just wanted to get your input...i know this is basically for fan mail and stuff...i listen to your morning radio show, heard about your blog and saw your email there....
just wanted to get your opinion....not really sharing this with any I won't be revealing my name also....think you are a strong woman so I know you may not agree with what I did....
a few months ago, found out that my husband was cheating on first, he said it was just texting even if the texts included i love you, i want you...i miss you...want me to pass by your place?etc....and I believed him but of course I started doubting.
even if he did say sorry, cried that he was afraid I would leave him etc....we reconciled but still I had feelings that there were more than what he was really telling me...
i started researching and digging and began to found out more about the girl, about the relationship...we would talk it took a while before he finally admitted that they slept together a few times....he would lie to me about meeting up with his guys friends or meetings in the office only to find out that those few times 4-6 times they slept together. I researched about the girl, their texts, checked out her FB profile, called the office - I have all her cellphone (even when it changed) I know her dept and her office line,etc. I know how her kids look like too..pati multiply na research ko! If they started sleeping together May 2010....kasama pa niya asawa niya May 2009...saw pics at mutiply....saw recent pics also on her FB but she unfriended my hubby FB account na.
the girl was newly separated with two kids also. we also have two kids. she would leave the kids at home and meet up with my husband....based on the test, she is kinda a drama queen....
hubby says it ws because he couldn't connect with me and couldn't discuss his issues with me...ako tiniis ko ang ugali niya because I knew he was working hard and I don't want to add to his stress....
of course, we reconciled but a part of me is unable to fully trust him...i feel that he still keeps things from me...i found out about a girl that would email him with hi houw are you...etc with matching still miss you???? would a girl who is your friend say that to you even if you left that company already for two years??? I saw a text yesterday from a number I kept and earmarked na for research as to who....may how are you....hubby didn't save the number kaya number lang lumabas....found out naman that the one who sent that still miss you msg last year is the one who owns that postpaid number....gumagaling na nga ako magresearch eh...
I love my husband. I want this to work not only because I love him but also because of our children. We have known each other for 20 years....we are in our early forties....make up sex has been great too....
malabo ba ako? guess, I need some kind of validation if what I am doing is right....I know for my kids it is.....I know I am a smart girl but will thinking about what is best for my kids make me stupid...I told him that if he does this again...I will leave him....
thanks for allowing me to share......

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Over two weeks ago my friends, husband, and I went to Laoag for a site visit. A potential architectural design project gave us the opportunity to experience the city and we are not disappointed! Let me share with you some new things you should try when you visit the city of Laoag in Ilocos Norte.

You have to try their EMAPANADA!!! 

Your empanada can be ready in about 3 minutes. It is filled with cabbage, egg, longganisa, and you can add some papaya if you want.  Here is how they make it in Laoag:

More food!!!

Pinakbet with tomato sauce

Pooki-Pooki (Consists of egg, eggplants, onions, garlic, torta)


KBL (Kamatis, Bagoong, and I forgot the L but its yummy with Bagnet)

Krispy Dinuguan

 Pansit Dinuguan

Longganisa (garlic flavored all meat, almost, longganisa)

After all those tasty meals it's time to make a stop over at a famous bakery for some sweet treats.

Biscocho made two ways soft and toasted

I love Spanish bread...Imagine it like this! Fully loaded!! Oh yummy!!

This one doesn't melt in your mouth rather it disappears in your mouth! All you are left with is the memory of its sumptuous taste! More please!

You haven't seen it all yet! I will post all the fun activities we did in Laoag soon!! I gained a few pounds there. but it's ok. It was all worth it! I even brought home Bagnet, longganisa, and their famous black vinegar! Ooohh yummy!!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Here is the video of the XV Dance group teaching Cheska Litton and yours truly how to do the Dougie! Dj Toni Tony could not do it he was just watching.


Yesterday was a fun day. I had so much fun catching up with my girls that I now am curing a sore throat. The original plan was to have lunch somewhere in Eastwood City to stay away from shopping and focus on catching up. But somewhere between text message exchanges and impulse we ended up in Greenbelt. 

Sunday, Feb.6 2011, 8pm

Me: So are we on for lunch tomorrow?

Cay: Yes! Eastwood t 12?

Me: Ok cool! I will bring Lucas (my son).

Cay: Ok see ya!

Cay: "Goodevening! This is grace of Michael Kors Greenbelt 5. We are pleased to inform you that we have new arrivals for the Spring/Summer 2011 collection and we also have MK Loves Manila bag. Do visit us or call 728-6132. Thank you!" -You can call to reserve MK Loves Manila. It's so cute!

Me: Talaga?

Cay: Cute! Canvas siya tapos red yung font! 

I was pretty distracted during this text massaging exchange due to my battle setting up my new Blackberry. When I got to radio the next day (early morning) I reviewed text messages just to be sure what time and where we were having lunch. This is what happened next.

Me:  Cay!!!! Pa-reserve mo ko nung MK love Manila bag. I want!!! 

Me: Or do you have cp number ni grace of MK? I'll text her nalang.

Cay: Kunin na natin mamaya!!!! Dun na tayo mag lunch!! I'll drive!!!

Cay: 09178683647-grace

Me: Ok, I have a driver naman. Shucks. kakabili ko lang ng red satchel.

Cay: Ano ba! Php3,500 lang naman! Last na to! 

Me: Hahaha! Ok sige! 

Cay: Hahaha! It's so cuuuuuute!!!! 

On the way to Greenbelt I thought to myself I won't buy it. I know I ran out when I wanted to buy it last year when it came out. But I'm over it. So I decided not to buy it. As soon as I get to the Greenbelt I tell Cay "I decided not to get it anymore. I don't need it anyway." And Cay replied "Ok but we still have to go there to see it 'coz i'm getting mine." Fine by me... or so I thought.

As soon as we walked in the store we saw the bags right away! 

Cay: Miss, yung pina-reserve ko under my name kukunin ko na po.

Me: Me too! Angelika Cruz, I texted you this morning.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Unless you have been living under a rock then you probably are familiar with the weight loss reality show that is called Biggest Loser. It became a hit in the United States where fast foods and hefty servings have nurtured obesity. Soon after, the Biggest Loser Asia came to be and so far so good. If you are a contestant in this reality show losing a big chunk of your weight is already a great prize but it doesn't hurt when there is a cash prize at the finish line waiting for you. 

I have been hearing about plans of launching the Biggest Loser Philippines. I cannot divulge a ton of information yet (which is not the purpose of this entry anyway). The network producers are now deciding on who will be the host for this show. Rumors are it will be Ms. Sharon Cuneta, The Mega Star! Is she fit, no pun intended, to be the next Biggest Loser host?  Since her billboard came out for Marie France there have been some harsh critiques about it; on how it was highly edited and unreal. I heard that if the network pushes thru with the show and hired Ms. Cuneta as their host they will have her go thru the weight-loss program together with the contestants as opposed to the traditional host-hiring-criteria. The Biggest Loser hosts are celebrities that have lost weight dramatically and have embraced the healthy lifestyle. 

Now this got me thinking. Who else out there in our showbiz industry can fit the profile in becoming the host for the Biggest Loser Philippines? If you were the producer, which celebrity will you have host The Biggest Loser Philippines.  

Here are some of my picks if there will be a Biggest Loser Philippines: 

Kris Aquino

Carmina Villaroel

Iza Calzado