Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Unless you have been living under a rock then you probably are familiar with the weight loss reality show that is called Biggest Loser. It became a hit in the United States where fast foods and hefty servings have nurtured obesity. Soon after, the Biggest Loser Asia came to be and so far so good. If you are a contestant in this reality show losing a big chunk of your weight is already a great prize but it doesn't hurt when there is a cash prize at the finish line waiting for you. 

I have been hearing about plans of launching the Biggest Loser Philippines. I cannot divulge a ton of information yet (which is not the purpose of this entry anyway). The network producers are now deciding on who will be the host for this show. Rumors are it will be Ms. Sharon Cuneta, The Mega Star! Is she fit, no pun intended, to be the next Biggest Loser host?  Since her billboard came out for Marie France there have been some harsh critiques about it; on how it was highly edited and unreal. I heard that if the network pushes thru with the show and hired Ms. Cuneta as their host they will have her go thru the weight-loss program together with the contestants as opposed to the traditional host-hiring-criteria. The Biggest Loser hosts are celebrities that have lost weight dramatically and have embraced the healthy lifestyle. 

Now this got me thinking. Who else out there in our showbiz industry can fit the profile in becoming the host for the Biggest Loser Philippines? If you were the producer, which celebrity will you have host The Biggest Loser Philippines.  

Here are some of my picks if there will be a Biggest Loser Philippines: 

Kris Aquino

Carmina Villaroel

Iza Calzado


  1. I think it should be Iza Calzado. She's really worked so hard to achieve the figure she has now. Besides, she has a really awesome personality.

  2. Oh, wow.. I hope this gets through. A lot of people could be saved from being overweight forever (well, actually, only selected people can join the show, hehe..)

    About the host? I'll go for Iza Calzado.

  3. rodel "jap garciaFebruary 1, 2011 at 3:54 AM

    ang ganda talaga ng crush ko(kris aquino)

    sila lang ba pag pipilian? diba pwedeng si toni at bianca nalang?

  4. For me i think ms. kris aquino would fit for it. Because the public has also witnessed how kris aquino always getting back in her most shape everytime she's gaining weight.
    I've been thinking also Aga Muhlach because he also surprised the public getting back to fit ! :D

  5. Anybody who took dieting the right way... the natural way and not sculptured by the famous aesthetic doctors....

  6. Hmmm. I don't think it will work here in the Philippines. I mean, yeah, it will work for the middle-class, but for the class D & E? Sino ang gustong pumayat sa kanila, eh, wala nga silang pang-gym or diet. Walang kwentang show for me here. I understand it if I'm an American.

    Anyway, for the host? I think it's Dawn Zulueta who fits this job.

  7. Izxa Calzadi is Kapuso so i doubt it if she'll ever be considered as channel 2 got the franchise.

  8. None of the abpve you suggested...Get someone who is a trainer itself, who knows the proper way of dieting and none of that marie france or belo...The Biggest Loser is all about doing a fitness lifestyle in a natural sense there is no quick fix in there. I would say Mark Nelson and Dianne would do the trick.


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  10. i think it has to be Iza Caldo, she worked her ass off to achieve that body. You should have seen her before.