Thursday, February 24, 2011


Almost all of us have Filipino relatives abroad (at least I think that's a safe assumption to make). One of the best perks of having immediate family abroad is the "Balikbayan Box" that they send. My brother lived in California for a while and I have a ton of cousins, aunts, and uncles in the US until now. My husband, being that he is an American citizen, he has a of family and friends in the US as well.

I do not normally go shopping online because most of the things in the US we now have here (for a higher price most of the time).  But when my husband's family calls and asks if we need anything from there we jump the chance to get bargain deals coz it's time for the Balikbayan box to come out.

Here are some of the stuff we received today:


Bathina by Benefit is every girl's must have for glowing skin finish!

I am promoting "Less is More" campaign for women. Don't get used to always wearing make-up. For a light natural coverage use this powder/brush by Bare Minerals. it is SPF 30 and very good for your skin. Very natural and light look! Embrace your real beauty girls!

I know I just said try not to wear make-up as often as you can but sometimes if you're as fair as yours truly you wake up looking like there's no blood flowing on your face. To unlock that pale look A LITTLE BLUSH (only a little girls) should do the trick. I find the NARS Orgasm 4013 perfect for a lot of my friends and myself included.


Don't judge but my husband always wanted to wear boots and never found the perfect opportunity to do so. We are going on a trip to Europe so he opted to go the Dr. Martens route. Yes guys, it's back in fashion! Look around you! More and more guys are sporting the Dr. Martens look in an upgraded way.

I do not get it and I don't think I ever will but I really do not eat this. It is not delicious. But John (my husband) loves his Slim Jim! We always expect to have this in the Balikbayan box. 

About 3 years ago I got my husband a Tassimo coffee machine as a gift. Knowing that we do not have the coffee disks here in the Philippines we would always make sure to stock up. His siblings know better by sending him regularly. I love how you can by different brands and kinds of coffee for your Tassimo. Nearest place to get it is in Hong Kong if you guys are intrigued by it. 


 We just do not have these here and my 19 month old son just can't get enough of these Gerber Graduated Puffs. He learned (or is still learning) to chew by snacking on these bite size cookies. It's choke safe coz it "melts" easily inside his mouth also so I am not so worried if he eats it on his own. 

New toy for my son to play with! Oh my gulay he is so happy! This is a gift from my brother-in-law. You can tell by his reaction that he sure is excited!

The ever sought after Quinny Buzz Stroller Basket! If you own a Buzz and bought it over a year ago you know what I am talking about. My Buzz came with the bag which is helpful but you still need a basket no matter what. I could not find it anywhere here. You have to place a special order (says Mothercare Philippines) and pay extra and all those hassle. Thank goodness for relatives abroad right? I love you all so much!

If I were you and you're thinking of a small business you should be a "personal shopper" and do it via the Balikbayan box method. I'm just thinking aloud. 

Hey, share with me what you received from your Balikbayan box loot or what you want to receive! 


  1. I should've bought more SPANX for everyone huh! Hahahaha!

  2. Nasan yung Spam? LOL

    Balikbayan boxes have really sweet smell, no? And sometimes the smell lingers on the stuff that was inside even for a long time.

  3. i love the graduates puffs.. my daughter loves it too. =))

  4. you got me thinking about getting a Tassimo machine.. Wish it was available here locally.

  5. hi Gel keith (my hubby) loves the Tassimo Machine too, and its even cheaper to make than buying @ Dunkin Donuts for $2.50/cup...thats a lot of savings...well u guys enjoy

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