Monday, February 7, 2011


Yesterday was a fun day. I had so much fun catching up with my girls that I now am curing a sore throat. The original plan was to have lunch somewhere in Eastwood City to stay away from shopping and focus on catching up. But somewhere between text message exchanges and impulse we ended up in Greenbelt. 

Sunday, Feb.6 2011, 8pm

Me: So are we on for lunch tomorrow?

Cay: Yes! Eastwood t 12?

Me: Ok cool! I will bring Lucas (my son).

Cay: Ok see ya!

Cay: "Goodevening! This is grace of Michael Kors Greenbelt 5. We are pleased to inform you that we have new arrivals for the Spring/Summer 2011 collection and we also have MK Loves Manila bag. Do visit us or call 728-6132. Thank you!" -You can call to reserve MK Loves Manila. It's so cute!

Me: Talaga?

Cay: Cute! Canvas siya tapos red yung font! 

I was pretty distracted during this text massaging exchange due to my battle setting up my new Blackberry. When I got to radio the next day (early morning) I reviewed text messages just to be sure what time and where we were having lunch. This is what happened next.

Me:  Cay!!!! Pa-reserve mo ko nung MK love Manila bag. I want!!! 

Me: Or do you have cp number ni grace of MK? I'll text her nalang.

Cay: Kunin na natin mamaya!!!! Dun na tayo mag lunch!! I'll drive!!!

Cay: 09178683647-grace

Me: Ok, I have a driver naman. Shucks. kakabili ko lang ng red satchel.

Cay: Ano ba! Php3,500 lang naman! Last na to! 

Me: Hahaha! Ok sige! 

Cay: Hahaha! It's so cuuuuuute!!!! 

On the way to Greenbelt I thought to myself I won't buy it. I know I ran out when I wanted to buy it last year when it came out. But I'm over it. So I decided not to buy it. As soon as I get to the Greenbelt I tell Cay "I decided not to get it anymore. I don't need it anyway." And Cay replied "Ok but we still have to go there to see it 'coz i'm getting mine." Fine by me... or so I thought.

As soon as we walked in the store we saw the bags right away! 

Cay: Miss, yung pina-reserve ko under my name kukunin ko na po.

Me: Me too! Angelika Cruz, I texted you this morning.



  1. That's what is called impulsive buying.. hehehe.. girls really buy what they want... it's so fulfilling...

  2. It's ok... the bag is nice naman.... I might get one myself!! =D

  3. AYAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNN!!! Ikaw na ang sample ng impulsive buying. That's one nice shopper. Hahahaha!!!!