Thursday, February 24, 2011


Here is an effective marketing strategy for all of the big retail brands out there. Instead of getting a celebrity to endorse your brand, why not get their look-alike?? You pay them probably 1/4 of what you would pay your celebrity endorser and if it is a good look-alike and a great campaign then your TV commercial will be a hit! 

Check out Melisa Molinario who is the new endorser of OLD NAVY! She does a great job in her video oh and yes, she looks like Kim Kardashian (just a little thinner). "Super C-U-T-E" is a new song from the "Old Navy Records. Original Hits. Original Styles." (that is their ad campaign) where in Melissa is the lead of the group called Audio Threadz.

 I wonder if Kim has seen this ad and what she thinks of it. 

Cannot wait to see what other videos Old Navy comes up with for their ad campaign which will release a series of music video-like commercials.

Paging Mr. Ben Chan, if you're looking for a Jessica Alba look-alike feel free to give me a call! You know my direct line! Do you have a celebrity look-alike?? 


  1. yay angelica! :-) and wear the fantastic 4 suit of jessica alba :-)

  2. Better Looking that Her! LOL

    She looks more like the girl in HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. The divorcee girl who was Ted's Love interest in the last season.

  3. she was in How I met Your Mother. False Positives Episode.