Sunday, January 30, 2011


I stayed in my room the whole weekend nursing fever and when you're bored out of your brains you find amusement in a lot of things. This reminds me of my 2 month bed rest in the last trimester of my pregnancy (that was worse). Although that was the time I started playing Call of Duty and watching UFC, I hope and pray I never have to go thru that again. 

This weekend I have been lying in bed resting. I watched Black Swan, 127 Days, and The Fighter. Movies can only keep you entertained for a while. My eyes easily get tired from watching television. Plus I have my television telling me to "protect my eyesight" because it has been "3 hours of non-stop viewing." 

I walked around the room and had a great idea. I fixed my closet which I later on regret. I hit my head on the wall thinking "what did you do dork?!" It took me at least two hours to sort out everything and it still is not as organized as I want it to be. Letting go is just so difficult. I need a closet do-over! Please? Anyone?? 

I realized so many things in my 2-day ordeal here in bed. First I need a pedicure real bad. I always go to Dashing Divas. They do your nails real well. But I am not a fan of their foot scrub and their seating. It is just not comfortable. I find myself wanting to rush out of there right away. 

Second, I need a haircut. Nothing crazy, just a trim. I used to just go anywhere but when Moussa cut and colored my hair for my J&J TVC I know I have to go back to Emphasis Salon in Rockwell. He is the best! He will tell you straight (from a straight man's perspective) what looks good on you. He listens to what you want and makes it work for your hair type.

Third, there is not enough stores for children or babies here in our country. I salute Ben Chan for now managing Mother Care Philippines since June 24, 2010. Very excited for the Greenbelt branch because they are expanding. Baby Company is also providing the market with better merchandise. But I still cannot find the shopping basket that goes with my son's Quinny Buzz stroller. Just give us one big store that has everything please? Babies R Us?? 

Fourth, I need to do something for my husband. He's been taking extra care for me. That is his thing. I am super needy when I am not well. If you work in the hospital you will probably hate me. I often cry when I am sick. I know... I am such a loser... not a bitch... I promise! Just dramatic! He has been so patient with me. I try to make sure I always say thank you and let him know I love him so much more. He is also the most adorable handy man I know. I have to post this. Whenever I have to look for a remote control for something I know where to find it. My husband likes to "velcro" things. We have the remote control for our air conditioner on the side of our bed. As for our stand fan, the remote control  is "velcro-ed" on top of it just to make sure we do not lose it. 



Fifth, I am loving this new water that I use when I am working out. At first I was pessimistic. Water is water. H2O! Nothing else you need when you are working out. My friend made me try this different type of water.  It has electrolytes in it. It is supposed to keep me hydrated for a longer period of time without the sugar and calories. I will tell you more about it in a different entry. I have all the time in the world to do so! I just realized now how long this entry is.  I have to save my energy to get better, which reminds me, I have to take my medication. Now!   

Monday, January 24, 2011


If you follow me on twitter you will know that I have been raving about my latest find. Thanks to my dearest friend she pointed me towards the right direction. We love the Cambridge Satchel Co. and super happy to learn that they have it here in the Philippines.

Well, Cambridge Satchel is not here but Madison (a boutique store in Powerplant Mall at Rockwell) carry the satchels. Right before the holidays they displayed a number of these fabulous bags! Almost sold out! I think the only reason that there were stocks left for me to purchase was because no one really knew much about it. As soon as I found out they had a few pieces left I visited them right away. It was love at first sight!! I have been looking for a nice structured satchel and never found any.

The 15" Brown Satchel beside the 14" Black Satchel 

The 13" Purple Satchel  beside the 14" Black Satchel

These Satchels are not mass produced. They are hand made and genuine leather. If you want to purchase one you have to wait for at least four weeks (if you're in the UK) for your piece. Straight from the fashion runways these bags were an instant hit and must-have! Its a timeless piece so no need to worry in buying more than one! Just like what they say in their website its a "designer bag at high street price." I got my 15" brown satchel for about Php6,000.00 and I am very happy with it! I hope they bring in some more! 

Super happy with my purchase!! 

I also saw these pretty cool accessories in their store. They looked familiar...Ah yes, Hollywood celebs like Jessica Alba sport these Wrap N' Snap bracelets. Check them out at Madison.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


If you've been following NBA you know who Kobe Bryant is. I do not watch NBA and I know who he is. I'm pretty sure you do not know who Ricardo the "bus boy" is...not yet! Ricardo is a kabayan of ours working as a waiter's assistant in a restaurant in the US. He was invited to go on the Jimmy Kimmel show and challenge Bryant, Lebron, Carmelo, and Wade (I know my players! High Five!) to a shoot out. Ricardo blew them all away and the Jimmy Kimmel show sent him home with a brand new Ford!! 


Don't you wonder sometimes if CCTV cameras ever caught you being a dork? Well, no luck for this girl texting while walking in the mall. Watch out everybody! Oh and the girl in this video released a statement saying that she will sue the mall owners for letting the video leak in Youtube. Talk about going viral! 

Thursday, January 20, 2011


This year is promising to be an action-packed year for least marvel geeks expect it to be. From The Green Hornet, Spiderman, and The Dark Knight Rises, all of you superhero fanatics I'm sure are very excited. 

For the Spiderman we already know Toby Maguire is out (since he gained like a hundred pounds in his last Spiderman....double chin much? ) and Andrew Garfield is in! Mixed emotions from the fans on whether or not Garfield would play a great Spiderman (is it just me or that sounded weird). There are a lot of opinions saying that that they want Maguire back and there are some who thinks that Garfield is fit for the role, no pun intended.  

Here is a photo of Garfield in his Spiderman costume. 

Like? Not? What do you think? I think a lot of people will still watch Spiderman just to see if Garfield gives justice to the role.  

The Dark Knight Rises is the rise of Anne Hathaway as Selena Kyle also known as Catwoman. This I am not so sure of. Anne Hathaway has done a lot of commercial films such as Princess Diaries and Bride Wars so she might not be the right one for the role. But then again she also has done a lot more daring, serious, or mature movie roles and was nominated for Rachel Getting Married in 2008.  A lot are happy that it is not Halle Berry (I raise my hand to that) but if you were to pitch to the film director on who should play Catwoman who are your picks? 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


It is refreshing to see the latest fashion trends around the world thru the lens of different photographers. Scott Schumann takes photos of different people in different places. Not models but normal everyday people. He posts these photos in his very famous blog THE SARTORIALIST and I am pretty impressed and hooked! I cannot stop going thru his photos. 

Meet The Sartorialist: 

Monday, January 17, 2011


The 2011 Golden Globes just passed and we are always curious to see who wore what. I know a lt of you guys out there adore Natalie Portman. I do too! She is really gorgeous, hot, and a great actress! 

Your dreams and fantasies were all probably shattered when you found out that she's pregnant. Gone are the sexy photos (for now) and hello baby bump! What is up with the rose Portman? Hubby should've just given you a corsage. I will say it, no pregnant woman, not even a hollywood celebrity can look "sexy" during pregnancy. I said it so go tell it! But you look pretty Portman just not sessi! =) 

One more celebrity that caught my eye (and not because of the usual reason) is Scarlett Johansen. Is it just me or did she lose some considerable amount of weight. The girls looked like they went on a strict diet too. She looks great though!  

Is that Carrie Mulligan? Or Michelle Williams? That was my reaction when I one of them... Then it dawned me, oh they are sporting the same 'do now. Michelle channelling the Carrey. She looks nice-r just because she looks younger than Carey here (check out their skin). They both look pretty! I wish I could sport that hair style but never will I be able to rock it! 


One of the websites that I frequent is and it is not just an online shopping website; it gives fashion look books and trend updates.  Being that my style is not edgy I stick to mostly basics with a touch of new here and there. I believe there are certain items that will never go out of style. It is good to have key items that will match most or a lot of your clothes and accessories. For the ladies we call these "investment pieces."

Here are Shopbop's seasonless investment pieces: 

Invested yet? Or do you have any other investment suggestions? Share with us your fabulous finds!! 

Thursday, January 13, 2011


It took a while for me to decide if I should post this or not... Just because I did not get to sing the song that I initially requested to sing. Hahaha!  But then again so what, it is all for fun! And since I delayed posting this video I will give you guys an incentive. A PRIZE!!! Make sure to read on after watching the video ok? ENJOY! 

So you think you can do better than me?? If so why don't you send me a link to your video singing the same song and I will treat you and your friends to a night at WORLD MUSIC KTV in Greenhills! Actually they are treating you! THANKS WORLD MUSIC ROOM!!! They will be giving away Php5,000.00 worth of GCs to three lucky winners! 

Email me at
Remember, upload it on youtube first then just email me the link to your video along with your contact details. I will be accepting entries until January 31, 2011 ok? It has to be FUN guys!! 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I know all the boys will drool at this. Not only because she is hot and sexy but because Olivia Munn is wearing a see thru lace underwear on the cover of Maxim's February issue. Some people are reacting violently and requesting for it to be removed from the displays of magazine stands because it is not for children to see. It sparked quite a controversy in the US.

I just wish we can spark that kind of reaction here in our country because I see a lot of FHM Magazine covers that are worse than Munn's shot right here. Fine FHM you can sell your magazines but it must be regulated and made sure that it is not by the grocery cashier where my son can see it while I pay for our stuff. Gone are the days for adult sections in bookstores. Sure you are not selling it to children but they can see it. Oh my gulay! 

Monday, January 10, 2011


Every one would appreciate a second chance in life to make-up for mistakes made. Sometimes it gets so hard and tough that giving up would seem like a viable option. It is not! Meet TED WILLIAMS who probably had it worse than most of us.

Ted Williams' story is really inspirational. After all the drugs and alcohol he decided to get his life straight. He knew that he just needed that break. Two years sober he roamed the streets of America carrying a sign saying he has the "golden voice" hoping someone would notice and give him a shot. Lucky Ted, someone noticed and was intrigued enough to give him a shot. Lo and behold, another YouTube sensation.

Maybe we will hear his voice on air here soon! I hope not to replace me... ;) 


I try to get out of the house and stroll every weekend for several reasons but the main reason I guess is to see what's new in the metro.  Just yesterday I decided to go to the Greenbelt mall for a change from the usual Powerplant and Shangri-la Plaza that I frequent. This is what caught my attention. 

Yes, it is the new BELO CLINIC located at The Residences at Grennbelt Makati City. On its soft opening the clinic is looking very posh. Oh and it is very accessible. Dra. Vicki Belo might as well have bought the whole ground level of The Residences because they got almost the whole frontage by the looks of it. 

I did go inside to adore the fabulous clinic and got some photos to share with everyone. Being that it will be launched in February I can only share some photos. Let me show you some details that I love about the design of the clinic (because we already know that I love their services and treatments right?).

They put a lot  of what seems to be like mother of pearl sea shells on their walls. It really looks great with the lighting they have inside the clinic. 

If you haven't noticed from the previous photos, they have a super duper high ceiling at The Residences clinic. I love chandeliers and this one is really nice.

I need a desk in our bedroom so I am obsessing and I love this one. Actually, Cristalle Belo Henares showed me the one in Dra. Vicki Belo's office and it is the perfect size but I cannot post a photo of her office here (if you follow her on twitter she tweeted a photo of it the other day...I told you I need to find a desk soon. It's haunting me on twitter!).  The one in her office is actually a larger version of this desk. Can someone please tell me where I can get this desk?  Thank you!

I love lounge areas not because I love sitting but because I love feeling comfortable even when I'm outside my home. I do not mind waiting if they take care of me and it is undisputed that not only the treatments in Belo are good but service is top notch as well!  Good job!

I will definitely drop by the grand opening (assuming I'm invited...hahahahaha!) and even if this is far from where I live (which is Marikina) I have a feeling I will be frequenting this clinic as well. You have to see it for yourself and I promise to update you guys but cannot post all the photos... yet!  But you can all swing by and get a facial. Book your appointment now! Call 819-BELO!  

Friday, January 7, 2011


SPANX has been around for 10 years now but I am surprised that not a lot of Filipina women are embracing it (or perhaps the other way around). I found out that not a lot of my friends use it but after recommending it to them they just die! Not literally but they love it! 

They can wear any of their outfits well! 

If I am not mistaken a little bit over a year ago the Rustan's group brought in SPANX and can now be found in their department store. I must say though, they do not carry much of the newer collection and not much variety. 

So what are SPANX undergarments? Well its the body shaping, but lifting, waist slimming, thigh firming underwear every woman AND man should own. 

It works by hugging you in all the right places and keeping your body nice and tight underneath your dress or suit. It sounds painful but its very comfortable.

Don't you just hate it when you find a photo of yourself and you're looking all amazing but whoops, there goes your exhale tummy. This product takes care of it! 

You will never have to worry about letting out an exhale ever again thanks to SPANX's Hide and Sleek Body Smoother (that's the one I have but am now ordering the seamless one of the Skinny Britches Collection).

Now they have several styles, shapes, and colors to choose from. If you check out their website you will see there options for slimming levels. Yes, you can choose from MEDIUM, SUPER, to SUPER-DUPER! 

Don't you worry guys! They now have SPANX for men. You won't have to worry about tucking in your shirt anymore. Say goodbye to your old white under shirt and say hello to your new wing man!

You can go online and learn more about SPANX through their website. There are a lot of reviews available in the internet about their products to help you.  TRUST ME!!! It's a great product!! A MUST HAVE!!!


Are you as lucky as this guy on the video? Could he be the next Jordan? Perhaps not. But what is amazing about this video is that he did not practice for this shot. It was a buzzer beater backwards shot and it went in. Take a look and tell me what you think.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I was sitting in front of the television in my room the other night watching Oprah.  If you don't know it yet I'm an Oprah junkie. It was the Oprah show's repeat episode on animals and  they were focused on pets and adopting from shelters. I haven't had a pet of my own for a while now and had been contemplating on getting a labrador for a while now. I want to be sure that I am ready to commit to it and that my 18 month old son will enjoy it also.

I had my laptop on while watching Oprah and when I checked my email I received an invitation from the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). What a coincidence. I remember a couple of months ago I hosted their Halloween event and I just fell in love with everybody's pets. Super adorable and I admire the work that PAWS put into their organization. 

Here is an opportunity for all of us to help PAWS! 

All pet parents are cordially invited to the glitziest and most-awaited canine event, the Bow & Wow Black-Collar BallWine and dine for a cause with your furry baby at the New Year’s Benefit Dinner for The Philippine Animal Welfare Society on January 15, 2011 at The Gallery of Greenbelt 5.

Tickets may be purchased at Bow & Wow Shangri-la or Greenbelt5. All ticket proceeds benefit the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

For inquiries, contact 501-3680638-3372, or