Monday, January 24, 2011


If you follow me on twitter you will know that I have been raving about my latest find. Thanks to my dearest friend she pointed me towards the right direction. We love the Cambridge Satchel Co. and super happy to learn that they have it here in the Philippines.

Well, Cambridge Satchel is not here but Madison (a boutique store in Powerplant Mall at Rockwell) carry the satchels. Right before the holidays they displayed a number of these fabulous bags! Almost sold out! I think the only reason that there were stocks left for me to purchase was because no one really knew much about it. As soon as I found out they had a few pieces left I visited them right away. It was love at first sight!! I have been looking for a nice structured satchel and never found any.

The 15" Brown Satchel beside the 14" Black Satchel 

The 13" Purple Satchel  beside the 14" Black Satchel

These Satchels are not mass produced. They are hand made and genuine leather. If you want to purchase one you have to wait for at least four weeks (if you're in the UK) for your piece. Straight from the fashion runways these bags were an instant hit and must-have! Its a timeless piece so no need to worry in buying more than one! Just like what they say in their website its a "designer bag at high street price." I got my 15" brown satchel for about Php6,000.00 and I am very happy with it! I hope they bring in some more! 

Super happy with my purchase!! 

I also saw these pretty cool accessories in their store. They looked familiar...Ah yes, Hollywood celebs like Jessica Alba sport these Wrap N' Snap bracelets. Check them out at Madison.


  1. That's a very nice bag! I've never heard of it but seeing those photos, I think I'm in love with it! I'll try to ask my boyfriend to buy it for my birthday! :D

  2. thanks for this post! Just merely looking at it I think I wanted to own one the purple!

  3. I love the purple one! Where in exactlt in Rockwell?

  4. It is at the Madison boutique beside Aranaz if I am not mistaken. Hurry hurry hurry!

  5. Tnx! I hope there's still something left for me... :) Can't wait for your next fabfinds!

  6. stop bein so annoying... evem mo cant keep up with you. your fun at first but as time goes one... your inner jologs comes out. youre trying hard to be somthing you are not!

  7. Hi, how much is this? What's the size of your Satchel?

  8. hi gel,

    ur cute but u get to to be jologs sometimes...i love it...