Tuesday, December 28, 2010


If you still do not know me that well I'm very easy to get along with. I know when I should be serious and focused and I also know when it is time to goof around. I have been a "casualty" of an ongoing prank war between my husband and his friends. It can get tough coz they are all guys but hey, I also have fun with it! Thank goodness they did not catch anything on camera! Hahahaha! Oh that look on my face when I realized all I had in my wallet was play money (and that was mild...very mild...).

I found this off Youtube and is a vignette of the best pranks caught on video for the year 2010. It is giving me ideas... What do you think? How can we beat this? 


I am not talking about Lechon Pizza in this entry because that really makes my tummy whirl. Pizza + Lechn = Suicide (at least for me).

BUT...Lechon alone in its truest form I embrace! One of the best traditions we have every time there is a Filipino celebration.  It is so delicious that people are not bothered by the fact that it is one whole pig served on a stick. Yes, we look beyond that because it absolutely taste amazing. 

What Christmas reunion would not be complete without the lechon? Or do you find yourself attending a birthday party or a wedding reception asking the person beside you "may lechon kaya?" (you think there would be lechon?)?

You know you are Filipino if you look for the Lechon. Agree? Yes! 

With all the fascination with lechon and how yummy it is I was wondering how one decides to get in the lechon business. Luckily, I met the owners of the popular ELARZ Lechon, the lovely couple Manric and Michelle Zalamea (and no, they are not overweight...I know what you were thinking). Michelle, a former model is Capampangan. The "food gene" is in her. As we talked more, I could also tell that this business is something both Manric and Michelle love. 

I just had to ask them one thing though, I asked them how is their lechon different from the rest? Because I believe we all love different types of lechon. Then they just let it out, they are the Pambansang Lechon. They let me in on a little industry secret, that all the lechons are really made the same way whether it's from Cebu or Manila. It is all about the meat, the flavors, and the quality. They are known to be the pambansang lechon because they serve all types of lechon in different sizes!

This is how it goes down, if Shangri-la Philippines get their lechon from Elarz then they must be the best! They do not disappoint! My aunt served Elarz for our Christmas reunion and it was great! Very juicy and tasty inside, and crispy skin. Wow!

Fine, this is it! As promised earlier on radio we will give you a chance to try out ELARZ if you haven't yet! In 3 sentences, or less, you just simply tell us why you want to win lechon from ELARZ for the New Year by leaving a comment below this post!  It is that simple! (Do not forget to include your email address so we can contact you)

Winner/s will be announced via my twitter account (twitter.com/angelicopter899) and this blog. So watch out for it and be the hero for this season's New Year's party!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


With my chosen path right now I have been blessed to be able to spend a lot of time with my son. I love cuddling with him in bed knowing that when he grows older and starts bringing his girlfriends over I cannot cuddle with him anymore.

My son is a year and a half old now. He can absorb and learn a lot of new things. I must say this, he is the cutest and the most handsome boy you'll ever meet (Please don't rain on my parade). Well I guess I have to show you how cute he can be right? Thank you Lord for the Iphone! We make home videos like crazy and this is a cute one (Wait until you see the second video).

Now I love my son no matter what... That is called unconditional love. Right? Now check out this next video.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


I work as a radio talk show host with the Good Times crew of Magic 89.9 and one of the segments we have on a monthly basis is to guest local artists on the show and have them sing cover songs and a few of their original songs. 

Last week our station head informed us we will have a guest named Johnoy Danao on the show. Yes, my reaction was same as yours. I had to ask the spelling of the name twice to make sure that I really have not heard of this guy. It didn't help that one of my co-hosts said that he sang "folk songs."  I was thinking this was probably for charity?? But then I shook it off thinking that my boss has great taste. He is not station head for nothing (YES!! I hope he's reading this). So I was a bit anxious. 

Johnoy looks like a simple guy and just someone who is trying his best to break it here in the music industry. Once we were done with the chit chatting on air we went directly to the singing part. We made him sing a cover song first (will post that later on).  Lo and behold! We were blown away! Mohan Gumatay (co-Dj in the show) was speechless and he is one of the most talkative guys I know. He has a say in everything. We moved on and asked him to sing his original from his self-titled and distributed album.

Johnoy brought feelings to his song and I kept telling him that songs are not made that way anymore. holding on to his album (thanks Johnoy for giving me that copy) I was intrigued by one song entitled IKAW AT AKO. I asked him if he could sing it on air and he said yes, of course! It brought me to tears because it moved me. He was able to put into words how I feel. This song brought tears to my eyes (literally). When you love someone so much and share your lives together forever this is the song for you! I still cannot properly verbalize it but thank goodness Johnoy is here to share this with us:

I emailed Johnoy and asked for a copy of the lyrics of Ikaw At Ako so that I can sing along with it. Yes, I will share it with all of you! Here it is:

Ikaw at ako, pinagtagpo
Nag-usap ang ating puso
Nagkasundong magsama habangbuhay.

Nagsumpaan sa Maykapal
Walang iwanan, tag-init o tag-ulan
Haharapin bawat unos na mag-daan.

Sana'y di magmaliw ang pagtingin
Kaydaling sabihin , kayhirap gawin
Sa mundong walang katiyakan
Sabay natin gawing kahapon ang bukas.

Ikaw at ako, pinag-isa
Tayong dalwa may kanya kanya
Sa isa't-isa tayo ay sumasandal

Bawat hangad kayang abutin
Sa pangamba'y di paaalipin
Basta't ikaw, ako
Tayo magpakailanman.

Kung minsan ay di ko nababanggit
Pag-ibig ko'y di masukat
Ng anumang lambing
At kung magkamali akong ika'y saktan
Puso mo ba'y handang magpatawad

Di ko alam ang gagawin kung mawala ka
Buhay ko'y may kahulugan
tuwing ako'y iyong hagkan
Umabot man sating huling hantungan
Kapit-puso kitang hahayaan
Ngayon at kailanman
Ikaw at ako.

Monday, December 20, 2010


The new world of 3D brought us a whole new experience. This new book in the market does not come as a surprise to me. 

Men's fascination with breasts + innovation = 3D Book of Boobs!  

If you want to gift this to a friend or just for yourself you can check out 3DD's website: three-dd.com


One of the websites that I love to visit is thecoolhunter.net as suggested by my business partner and friend who is very artistic.

The hotels and places that they feature never fail to take my breath away. Especially this new video they have on their site. Now I don't bike but this really put me at awe. The editing, the landscape, and the song...  Check it out guys and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I know you all want to hear me sing... I bet you're going to regret that later on. Some things are meant to be left alone. Hahahaha!  

Here is the second part of my trip to the comedy bar with my girlfriends. 

Sunday, December 12, 2010


It's the holidays and it's time to give! I love Christmas and I am loving the good finds!! 

I received this invitation and I am excited because it is helping me narrow down my Christmas shopping list!  

Paul and Joe has a very special and limited offer so I am taking advantage of this and sharing it with all of you.

Fine tune your fabulous look with perfect base makeup to carry your color all through the holidays

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will glow with beauty

Be perfect right down to your fingertips with the perfect nail colors

Creating your makeup masterpiece needs the right tools, these deliciously soft brushes are ideal
for any and every occasion

Complete your Paul & Joe look with the cute range of pouches and makeup accessories,
beautifully designed and oh-so convenient

See you there!

Paul & Joe

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Now I am jealous... Calling Jason Magbanua in a few minutes to make me and my husband a video as hot as this...

Another controversial video is spreading... But is it really controversial?? No it is not PORN!  

Pre-nup video of engaged Victor Consunji (entrepreneur) and Maggie Wilson (Model turned actress) has been uploaded in the internet with their consent.  The video was shot by Jason Magbanua. 

Pre-nup video... hmmm... really? Personally I cannot imagine the rest of my family, or at least my older brother and my dad watch a video like this of me ON MY WEDDING RECEPTION!  

But we all have our own "thing." They're a hot couple and they want the world to know it! Thank goodness they are hot... Well, Maggie might be too hot for Victor (I said it, go tell it! hahaha!). Oh wait, he has a nice car and a great future...So I guess points for him too.. 

Check out their video and let me know what you think.

Music: Glorybox by Portishead
Shot with Ian Cruz


One day I woke up and said it will be fun to go with my girlfriends to a comedy bar.  Called up Zoe and Din-din, two of my oldest friends, and we decided to go to Punchline in Quezon City.  

Thank you Eric Castaneda for allowing my friends to make fun of me by sending me up on stage and allowing them to catch it on video... Or maybe later I will not be thanking you anymore... Hahahaha!!  

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Here is the latest work-out craze for expecting mothers.... NOT!  I know women still try to be sexy when they're pregnant. Let's accept it girls, we are never sexy when we're carrying an extra 30 pounds.  Hahahaha!  This video is to really help expecting mothers realize that.  WINK!  =)   

For more hilarious videos go to Funnyordie.com


Frequenting Oprah Winfrey's website Oprah.com is one of the things I do when Im surfing the internet. Recently uploaded is the new batch of Oprah's Favorite Things 2010. One of the best annual episodes of The Oprah Show, it is the dream of every Oprah fan to be a studio audience for this episode.  No luck for me but I still enjoy watching the show. 

Here are some of "my favorites" from Oprah's Favorite Things 2010:

Tory Tote and Reva Ballerina Flat by Tory Burch

To view the complete list of Oprah's Favorite Things 2010 go to Oprah.com

Monday, December 6, 2010


If you caught your spouse with his/her lover how will you react?  

Check out how this girl reacted when she recently caught her husband with his mistress at the Market Market Mall in Fort Bonifacio. Oh and she brought her girls with her to make sure they caught it on video and posted it on Facebook. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Another hottie is now entering Philippine Showbiz. (No, it is not me...Hahahaha! Sorry, I couldn't help it.) It has now been confirmed that Jasmine Curtis is the newest addition to the Kapatid Network. 

This is not fair... There's two of them!? Hahaha! The younger sister of Anne Curtis, Jasmine, recently signed a contract with the TV5 Network.  She will be teamed up with JC De Vera among others. 

I follow Anne Curtis on twitter and I see her tweets to @babycurt (short for baby Curtis...wow I am so smart!) and they seem like they are very sweet and loving sisters. They both seem like they are very fond of each other and very quirky as well. That is the impression I get when I searched more in the internet. I was able to meet Anne Curtis in an event and she is one funny "sheila" so I wouldn't be surprised if Jasmine is the same. 

Bravo to these two hotties and good luck "Baby Curt" on your new venture. Good on you mate!  If you want to know more about Jamsine Curtis and what she's up to I suggest you follow her blog or follow her on twitter.  =) Check out some of her photos I grabbed of the internet and tell me what you think. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


CULTURE SHOCK books are set apart from other travel book guides. You are introduced to the different customs and etiquette of a country in order for you to not get lost in translation once you are there. Do not get intimidated by the approach used by these books. Despite their methodology, Culture Shock is formatted to be an "easy-read" book.

Alfredo and Grace Roces are the authors for Culture Shock: Philippines.  My cousin who recently visited Manila was gifted this book. I found it very interesting and so did she. My cousin is 100% Filipina but was born and raised in Australia. She said that it helped her get in touch with her Filipino roots, and it made her realize the different values that each Filipino habit (or sometimes vice) manifest.  

Be it on the positive or on the negative aspects, Culture Shock is a good introduction to a country's culture and behavior.  You can gift this book to not just your foreign friends or family, but to your Filipino friends as well. It can serve as a reminder to us Filipinos, and as for the foreigners read the book before visiting Manila. It works better that way.   ;)

Some reviews from Amazon.com
By a Customer:
I am an American married to a Filipina. After reading Culture Shock I have developed a much better understanding of my wifes feelings about issues such as-Religion, Family, "Utang na loob", Extended vs. Nuclear Family, Sending money home to parents in the Philippines etc. There are now so many new concepts added to my knowledge of the Philippines that I lack both the time and space to discuss them with you. Get the book and enjoy a refreshing look at a new Culture!

By Jonathan Aquino:
I am a Filipino-Canadian, and I'm grateful for this book because it gave me valuable insights into Filipino culture (and myself):
- hiya = shame. Much of what Filipinos do and don't do is motivated by the avoidance of hiya. 
- amor proprio = face. Filipinos try very hard to avoid making other people lose face in the slightest.

- utang na loob = debt to another after receiving a gift. Receiving a gift is bittersweet for Filipinos because the giver has some control over you now.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Apart from frequenting the mall and window shopping I like to get updates online for new trends in fashion.  No, I am not the most stylish person in the world but I would like to think that I can work it a little bit... I try... 

When it comes to my personal style i stick with the classics and every now and then I go with the trend. I only go with the trend if I feel comfortable in it. If you are not comfortable with what you're wearing then it will not make sense.  

I frequent this site called Shopbop to look at latest trends from a variety of designers. What I like about this site is they mix pieces from different designers and/or brands depending on the style or the look. It is easier for a person to "shop-a-style" rather than go thru so many items trying to mix and match yourself. 

If you are like me and you need a "look" or a "peg" for your style, try out Shopbop.  I have to admit that I have never bought anything from Shopbop. I just lurk around the website to get ideas of what the current and upcoming fashion trends are. Below are some looks that can be found in their site. What style are you feeling?  =) 


Casual Chic





We all love it when we meet celebrities that are "game." Adam Lambert blew me away! Over a month ago I was able to interview the "Glamdroid" himself. It was my first time interviewing a celebrity and I thank Mojo Jojo for taking me with him to co-interview Lambert. 

The live interview took about 10 minutes. But the end part of the interview is where it got really interesting. I have not yet posted this video so you will see it here for the first time. We all know that the Lambert is bisexual as he admitted in his Rolling Stone interview, and during his concerts in other places he would often kiss or make-out with a male fan on stage. 

So in this video you will see Adam Lambert choose from four different Filipino celebrities that Mojo Jojo picked out (yes, Mojo brought photos to the interview....Hahahaha!).  Concert organizers check your questions before you go in the interview room and boy did Mojo Jojo shock them all with this segment.  It was all in good fun and the organizers didn't mind in the end because Adam Lambert is a cool dude...or gal...He's cool!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Let us have a little fun...or shall I say let's make fun of me. After all all, I can laugh at myself... Hahaha! This was just one crazy day with my girlfriend! Check out this video guys! 

Dra. Vicki Belo, I will be scheduling a hair laser removal appointment soon! 
You girls should too! Call 819-BELO!