Sunday, December 12, 2010


It's the holidays and it's time to give! I love Christmas and I am loving the good finds!! 

I received this invitation and I am excited because it is helping me narrow down my Christmas shopping list!  

Paul and Joe has a very special and limited offer so I am taking advantage of this and sharing it with all of you.

Fine tune your fabulous look with perfect base makeup to carry your color all through the holidays

You’ll be attracting a lot of whistles with sexy lip colors, pick the one that gets you in a party mood

Make all your holiday parties that little bit more colorful and unpredictable with stunning face
color that suits every occasion

Harmonize your eyes this holidays season and lead admirers on a merry dance. Come on, show them your moves

Get skin that’s smooth and lustrous and super healthy, treat your skin well all year round and you
will glow with beauty

Be perfect right down to your fingertips with the perfect nail colors

Creating your makeup masterpiece needs the right tools, these deliciously soft brushes are ideal
for any and every occasion

Complete your Paul & Joe look with the cute range of pouches and makeup accessories,
beautifully designed and oh-so convenient

See you there!

Paul & Joe

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