Monday, June 27, 2011



I remember on the VIP night of Forever21 opening in SM Megamall I was able to crash the party. I wasn't able to buy anything because the lines were just super long and I was overwhelmed with all the clothes and accessories. 

It's been a year and Forever21 is celebrating it's one year here in Manila! Continuously expanding, now with it's second branch at SM Makati, Forever21 is the solution to all our problems. Affordable fashionable clothing! 

This July is their anniversary month and apart from the prizes they will be sharing with us thru our radio program Good Times  the Metro’s stylish set can look forward to more shopping fun and great finds from July 1 to 9 in its SM Megamall and SM Makati stores.

            The shopping frenzy begins on July 1 as Forever 21 Mastercard holders are entitled to an exclusive 10% discount on all items with a minimum purchase of P 5,000. Forever 21 Mastercard holders can also avail of an early pass at 9:00 AM on that day by simply presenting their card and a valid ID at the J. Vargas entrance at SM Megamall and the Forever 21 entrance facing the Intercontinental Hotel in SM Makati. All BDO credit card holders also get 5% rebate with a minimum purchase of P5,000 from July 1 to July 3.

            Apart from all the fashion fun, a minimum P 3,000 spent in the stores from July 1-9 entitles one to a fab Forever 21 umbrella.  SM Advantage, SM Prestige, and BDO Rewards Card holders also have the chance to win cool cameras – there will be six winners of GE X-500 cameras and four winners of GE C1233 cameras – available at the Gadgets section of the SM Department Store.  Every P5,000 minimum single receipt purchase entitles one to an Electronic Raffle coupon when they use their cards.  The electronic raffle draw will be held on July 15, 2011 at 3PM at the MCI Head Office at the fourth floor of One E-Com Center. Per DTI NCR Permit No. 4685, Series of 2011.

            One of the fastest growing and most successful apparel lines in the US, Forever 21 partners in the Philippines with SM’s Retail Group.  Forever 21 stores are located at the Second Level of SM Megamall A and at the Ground Floor of SM Makati at the Makati Central Business District.

Follow me on to win more prizes and also listen to Good Times on Magic 89.9 FM Mon-Thurs 6-9am.  

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I was watching TV yesterday and saw this really cute and funny commercial. Lola Techie is back!  If you don't know who I'm talking about take a look at her older commercials, no pun intended. 

It took me a while to find the new commercial but thanks to our friends over twitter, here it is. I really LIKE it! What do you think?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


STarting June 20, 2011 we will now ship BB Cream orders to both Manila and outside Manila.  That will be Php100.00 fixed rate for Manila orders and Php200.00 for orders outside Manila. If you already placed your order this week and included the shipping fee then we will ship it to you.

If you placed your order this week and would like to have it shipped, I'm sorry just pick it up from the station on Monday.  

The following may now claim their BB Cream at the station located at Unit 907 Paragon Plaza Edsa corner Reliance street Mandaluyong City.

Chloe Ong
Jinjer Policarpio
Theresa Angela Gococo
Ronald Lantin
Marlene Precious Cu
Anna Lourdes Lim
Cedric Allegre
Olivia Amor Ching
Bambi Tribaco
Noemi Bugia


Browsing the web and I came across Ed Westwick's ad for Penshoppe. I got this photo from which is one of my favorite blogs because I get updated on the latest ads, editorials, and marketing campaigns. 

My comment when I saw the photo was:  
"He doesn't look very manly or bad-boyish here...hmmm..."

Grace Lee said:
"They shot him here in the Philippines? They didn't even show Philippines..."

Grace made a very good point. If the ad was shot here in Manila it would've been nice if they showed some part of our country... I don't mean to single out this ad by any means.  I just hope that we all come to this realization that Grace opened me to. 

If and when we have the chance to promote our country especially thru the international market I hope that we jump on that opportunity.  

But then again Ed Westwick as a model for Penshoppe, which is a local brand is also a big step in promoting our local brands.  So good job to Penshoppe for that. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


During our radio show I eavesdrop a lot on what Grace Lee is looking at over the net.  Whether she is shopping online, reading her favorite Korean online comics, or browsing videos on Youtube I really enjoy checking out on what she's up to on her laptop.

Like this video from Youtube on how a guy proposed to her girlfriend. I saw Grace watching it and I want to share it all to you. From Grace's pink laptop, to my pink laptop, to your device!

Monday, June 13, 2011


I am very happy that finally Johnoy Danao is getting the recognition he deserves for his talent.  So happy to see him part of a TV Commercial of Emperador Light.  I like this commercial more than the older Emperador commercials.  It's all natural  and happy! 

Unless you're od school and like this story board instead?? 

Really not my preference... I like Ryan Agoncillo and Johnoy Danao for Emperador Light! Good job to the Ad Agency who made this new TVC!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Last Friday I hosted the AZKALS "We Believe" event at Trinoma. It is an event to show support for our Philippine Football Team. There were a lot of people that came out to get a glimpse of their favorite Azkal.

I was able to snap a few photos while backstage with the boys. Oh I know how a lot of other girls would be in my shoes. Hahaha! Well, there were a lot of good looking players I tell ya!

The Team

Kaholeros head cheerleader and that's "chief" in a head lock.

Team Captain Alli with yours truly. He's very nice. It was refreshing that even if he was tired already from a wholeday of events he was able to throw in some small talk. Thanks Alli! You're very accommodating!

Anton Del Rosario with me! I live his tan. He has the best tan on the team. And best eyes? Well, I've said it on radio that I think he's one of the best looking Azkal. I may be biased because he's with W Talents just like yours truly.

James Younghusband was able to make it before the event ended but Phil was not able to go.

That is Fiona..NOT James' sister. Sorry girls, that's his ever hot and pretty football player of a girlfriend. And she's really nice and sweet too! =)

Goal keeper Neil Etheridge. Ok he's another crowd favorite. Quite a hottie. If I combine Anton and Neil it equals my husband. Yes, ganon ka hot husband ko. Oh and did I mention that Neil is also from W Talents? Hehehe! I love my agency!

Check out the crowd on the side trying to get a glimpse of the players.

Ang dami nila!

With Rich Herrera, my co-host or the day and Neil Etheridge. W Talents.

Wish I took more photos but I was busy working also. I had so much fun! Watch and support the Azkals on July 3 with their match against Sri Lanka! It's going to be at the Rizal Stadium. See you there!

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Thursday, June 9, 2011


Thank you for ordering your BB Creams. FOr the following people whom we have confirmed payment already you may now pick up your BB Creams at the station. Unit 907 Paragon Plaze Edsa corner Reliance street Mandalyong City.

For those who ordered from outside Metro Manila we will ship out your orders today. I will email the tracking code to you. 

For those who just placed their orders yesterday You may claim your BB creams next week.  Thank you!! And thanks for the patience. I have a ton of emails to answer. 

Here are the names of the people who may now claim at the station:

Tata Valera
Wihelmina De Guzman
Karen Samson
Mia Angela Alentahan
Anne Buitizon
Meldy Papasin
Nikole Calimbas Maligalig
Juvy Bandong
Nina Tioseco
Monina Tiongson
Maria Angela Alentajan
Stella Castro

Mary Emmanuel Ponce
Ma. Katrina Dimaapi
Lana Marie Sullano

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


While I was having a conversation with some friends they told me about this new reality show produced and conceptualized by Mark Burnett.  It's a singing reality show.

No, it's not like any other talent search reality show.  They have blind auditions. It's al about THE VOICE.  Talents will have to sing their song to "Coaches" who have their backs turned away from the stage.  This is really a great show. It's not yet airing here in the Philippines but you can download it if you want to watch it since there are 7 episodes already that have aired.

You have Carson Dally hosting the show and four top notch Coaches: Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine of Maroon 5, Cee Lo Green, and Blake Shelton.

Once you watch The Voice I know you will be hooked!

Finally a reality show that is all about the talent and not all about the looks.  

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


What is a great find for you?? For me it's simple, AFFORDABLE and SOMETHING I CAN USE REGULARLY.

I have a great buy and a must have for all you girls out there on the go!! Make-up palettes can get very expensive and if you're not a make-up artist there really is no point in buying the big sized pallets. 

I bought a make-up palette from Sephora in Paris (I know we do not have Sephora here) and it is a great buy. It has enough shades of eyeshadows, lip glosses, and blush.  Today I have to go straight from radio to work and I do not wear make-up on radio. I need to be able to grab my make-up kit and go! This is what I have always been looking for!! 

That's not all! It comes with a small portable wallet sized palette where in you can pick the shades of gloss, blush, and eye shadow to bring with you if you're going out just in case you need a retouch.

If you have relatives or friends abroad go buy this online! Go go go!! 

Monday, June 6, 2011


We always strive to look good as without make-up, yes?? Yes!!! But there are just days you cannot go bare because you need protection. You need your SPF to fight the deadly UV rays of the sun, you need some collagen or peptides to fight skin aging and wrinkles, and for some they need some whitening, and others they need a think layer of coverage to hide and clam the redness (I know i have days my face can be red).

Like the craze over K-POP sensations, BB Creams are hitting the Manila market and everyone is trying to get hold of the best and more affordable brands out there.  BB stands for Blemish Balm.  

It does what its name stands for. It calms down your minor blemishes, redness, and gives you sun protection (not all brands) and since it is tinted it gives you good amount of coverage to go out without having to wear foundation or powder. Plus it gives you that glow that you want.

 (sorry for looking like a dork here...hehehehe!)

Trust me, tinted moisturizers, we girls can tell you're wearing them. But as for BB cream, when applied just the right amount on your face (which is really very minimal) you will have a flawless finish.  The bonus, it is good for your skin.  But my advice is to make sure you wash off and use toner after washing off because if you use this everyday you might clog your pores ok?

Now, on a trial period, Grace Lee and I would like to see how much demand is there for a good BB Cream. So from her recent trip in Korea she brought limited amount of BB Creams.

STAR BB Cream has Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle ingredients, Peptide, 
and it is SPF 37, and can serve as a good foundation primer! 

For a limited offer of Php850.00 per box you can now place your orders. How??

Deposit the payment to HSBC Savings Account 064-045081-070 Account Name: Angelika Cruz.

Scan your deposit slip and make sure you also place your name on the deposit slip. 

Email it to and let us know if you will pick up your BB Cream at the station or have it shipped to you. 

Note: We will only ship if you live outside Metro Manila. For Metro Manila orders you will have to pick-up your order at the station. Wait for notification as to when you can pick it up. 

If item is to be shipped please leave your address and you will have to pay for the shipping fee. An additional fixed charge of Php200.00 for shipping fee should be included in the deposit.
There you go!! Orders only accepted with your deposit slip already! Go Go Go! 

Oh and do not mind the translation here...Language barrier...Hahahaha!!! 

Sunday, June 5, 2011


My son is nearly two years old and we're gearing up to travel around with him out of the country.  When it comes to traveling you need a lightweight stroller that you can carry around with you but is also comfortable (and stylish) for your child.

Normally you have to break at least Php30,000.00 for a good quality and stylish stroller here in Manila.  But looking around the internet last night I found this amazing looking stroller that is tagged to be "the traveller's best friend."  I had to check it out.

My original plan was to get my son the Quinny Zapp. It is a very good foldable travel stroller.  It also has a nice bag that comes with it. It was the smallest folded stroller for traveling. 

But I wasn't really super excited to buy it because that would mean paying another Php25,000.00 for a stroller that my son will be using for another year or so. If this was your first stroller then I guess it's ok since you can put your Maxi-Cosi baby carriage for your infants.

But the MIA MODA CIELO EVOLUTION STROLLER is by far the best travel stroller just by checking all the reviews online. I saw it on (which we should have here in the Philippines) and I was just curious with the way it looks. It looked a little bulky for it to be under the "lightweight" stroller category.  So I gave it a look.  I LOVE IT!!!!! 

I know you love it already!!! But you're wondering how much you have to spend for this right??? It costs US$184.99 over so that is a little over Php8,000.00   Can you believe that??? If you have relatives abroad have them buy this for you or for your friends and family as a gift. 

If you are not convinced yet here is a video from Youtube showing how the Mia Moda Cielo Stroller works.  

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Here's the BELO Promo that I've been mentioning on radio.  If you guys want to have flawless and smooth skin without all the cracks and craters then take advantage of the Fraxel Bundle promo!!!!


I always liked Blake Lively. I find her beautiful and I love her style. She dresses well and I always said that I like her because she carries herself well.  She is beautiful and I don't care that she had her nose or her breasts done. It all looks very natural and not overdone.

Now when I found out last night about her naked photos I shook my head. I just thought that she was smarter than that.  Yes, it's ok to look at yourself in the mirror and admire your body. And yes it's ok to take photos of it so you can admire from different angles... Been there, done that! But then DELETE afterwards! Especially if you're a celebrity! Oh my gosh...

Here's a sneak peak of her photos.

I hope all the girls can learn their lesson from this.. Apparently Blake hasn't from Miley and Vanessa (among others). I wonder if Karl Lagerfeld has seen these photos... Oh I hope she doesn't lose her Chanel endorsement... tsk tsk tsk!

And I know what all of you guys will ask me... If I have a copy of the uncensored ones...the answer is I do not want to post them. ;)  

But hey, cheers to you Blake!!! YOU ARE ALL HOTNESS!! 

(censored photos taken from