Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I always liked Blake Lively. I find her beautiful and I love her style. She dresses well and I always said that I like her because she carries herself well.  She is beautiful and I don't care that she had her nose or her breasts done. It all looks very natural and not overdone.

Now when I found out last night about her naked photos I shook my head. I just thought that she was smarter than that.  Yes, it's ok to look at yourself in the mirror and admire your body. And yes it's ok to take photos of it so you can admire from different angles... Been there, done that! But then DELETE afterwards! Especially if you're a celebrity! Oh my gosh...

Here's a sneak peak of her photos.

I hope all the girls can learn their lesson from this.. Apparently Blake hasn't from Miley and Vanessa (among others). I wonder if Karl Lagerfeld has seen these photos... Oh I hope she doesn't lose her Chanel endorsement... tsk tsk tsk!

And I know what all of you guys will ask me... If I have a copy of the uncensored ones...the answer is I do not want to post them. ;)  

But hey, cheers to you Blake!!! YOU ARE ALL HOTNESS!! 

(censored photos taken from


  1. i read somewhere that this is not true. her side's denying it was her.

  2. Its a viral campaign for apple.....

  3. According to her it is 100% fake, that's what she said, is that what we think? haha peace!

  4. I think it's just someone that looks like her. Doesn't have her mole. Nice bod though :D

  5. What else is new? It's hollywood! The funny thing is, it's working for them. They become even more popular after the so-called sex scandals. Look at Kim, Paris, Lindsay, Britney and those bj galore. I hope my crush (angelicopter, who else!) becomes even more daring on her next billboard ads. Kahit yun man lang. hehehe. jefpelayo@y.c.

  6. It is not her. I guess it is obvious. That girl is just a look-alike of Blake!!!

    People magazine published Blake's side of the story and I totally believe it is not her. She is a fake Blake Lively!