Thursday, June 9, 2011


Thank you for ordering your BB Creams. FOr the following people whom we have confirmed payment already you may now pick up your BB Creams at the station. Unit 907 Paragon Plaze Edsa corner Reliance street Mandalyong City.

For those who ordered from outside Metro Manila we will ship out your orders today. I will email the tracking code to you. 

For those who just placed their orders yesterday You may claim your BB creams next week.  Thank you!! And thanks for the patience. I have a ton of emails to answer. 

Here are the names of the people who may now claim at the station:

Tata Valera
Wihelmina De Guzman
Karen Samson
Mia Angela Alentahan
Anne Buitizon
Meldy Papasin
Nikole Calimbas Maligalig
Juvy Bandong
Nina Tioseco
Monina Tiongson
Maria Angela Alentajan
Stella Castro

Mary Emmanuel Ponce
Ma. Katrina Dimaapi
Lana Marie Sullano


  1. Hi! Do you still have stocks of the the cream? Thanks!

  2. Hi angelika, do you still have stocks? I plan to pay later...

  3. Im here in Lipa City Batangas.. There is no HSBC here how can I place my order..

  4. I sent my copy of deposit slip last Tuesday. my email add: please confirm receipt.
    Thank you

  5. Hi Angelika,

    Suggestion: You can tie up with a local courier company like Air 21 so it would be convenient for your clients to get the item. Im not from Air21 :-) I just happen to recieve my mineral make-up via Air 21 everytime I order from my supplier.
    I actually would like to try the item but I dont have the time to go to you station. :-(
    Thanks and best regards,

  6. Sorry for bugging you with the emails DJ chopper I just read this now -_- Will wait patienlty thanks

  7. hi angelicopter :) how much is the bb cream? i want to resell your items..reseller price pls ;) thanks

    email add.
    twitter: @jacque14336

  8. hi would like to order also.How to place order?

  9. Hi Angelika, I would like know the status of my order for 2 BB creams? i sent my receipt last tuesday pa. please check or
    Please advise
    Thank you

  10. hi ms chopper i got my bb cream today.i just want to inquire regarding the date:2010.04.01 on the that an expiration date?is this bb cream expired?pls answer.thanks

  11. how do i order and how much?

  12. hi!
    i deposited the money last Friday and sent the scanned copy of the deposit slip last Monday. Please confirm receipt of the email please. my email add:
    When will you post the updated list of orders for pick-up?

  13. When do I pick-up my order????
    Noemi Bugia

  14. hi ms. angelika, i would like to place an order for 1 BB Cream... Do you still have them in stock? Thank you :)


  15. Hi, do you still have available stock of BB Cream?

  16. Hi Ms. Angelica! Ask ko lang kung may available stock pa. Would like to place an order but how?

  17. Hi Do you Accept orders from abroad? Id be willing to pay for shipping fees. I live in Canada but I heard this BB cream youre selling really works and would like to try it. Thanks.

  18. Hi Angelika! Do u still have stocks on hand? Just saw your post. I want it badly! I'd appreciate your response through text at 0917-5520096. Thanks!