Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Browsing the web and I came across Ed Westwick's ad for Penshoppe. I got this photo from which is one of my favorite blogs because I get updated on the latest ads, editorials, and marketing campaigns. 

My comment when I saw the photo was:  
"He doesn't look very manly or bad-boyish here...hmmm..."

Grace Lee said:
"They shot him here in the Philippines? They didn't even show Philippines..."

Grace made a very good point. If the ad was shot here in Manila it would've been nice if they showed some part of our country... I don't mean to single out this ad by any means.  I just hope that we all come to this realization that Grace opened me to. 

If and when we have the chance to promote our country especially thru the international market I hope that we jump on that opportunity.  

But then again Ed Westwick as a model for Penshoppe, which is a local brand is also a big step in promoting our local brands.  So good job to Penshoppe for that. 


  1. kamiseta has already done this with natalie portman and katie holmes

  2. Taylor Lautner for Bench coming soon

  3. Its funny that those who comment about filipinizing this ed westwick guy dont even wear and promote filipino fashion

  4. Amen to the last post. Di na nag-reply yung blog owner at mukang nasapol ng husto sa last comment.

  5. I think it was shot here in the Philippines, kasi I saw Ed got interviewed by CNN and the location was at the Manila Peninsula . . . so yeah . . .