Monday, June 27, 2011



  1. i just wanna suggest a nickname for pnoy and grace lee..its - LeeAqui Thank you!i always listen to good times every morning while im off to work through my Phone..thank you!

  2. Anonymous said...
    Ms. Angelicopter. As an avid follower I think I share the sentiments of the people who are following not just your Blog but your radio program as well. We are greatly disappointed not getting any response from your end to clarify your position on the Duterte issue that you yourself started on your blog.

    If you expect people to respect your opinion I believe that you should also give respect back by clarifying your side (I believe that’s not much to ask for). But what do you do?, you continue to ignore the people who are religiously following you, the very same people who are supporting you and your career. This is no way to treat people specially if your just starting up with your chosen career. SHAME ON YOU for doing such.

    July 4, 2011 8:59 PM
    Anonymous said...
    I agree with the last post, how can you expect people to respect you if you do not even respect the very same people who support you.

    Now let me ask your supporters this, will you continue to support Ms. Angelicopter despite all this? If your were to ask me my answer is a big HELL NO!!!

    So Ms. Angelicopter, I would suggest that you just close this Blog site of yours if you can't even defend your position on the issue at hand. There is no point maintaining this site if you as the blog owner only uses the site to advertise products that you want to sell, there are other site for doing that.

    To the Management of Magic899, would you still want to continuously employ someone like Ms. Angelicopter who can't even pay attention to what her supporters are demanding for? Someone who is not responsible enough to clarify things when they need clarifying? Better think about this before you start loosing supporters for your radio program.