Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I love bright colors! I think you can tell from my blog. Whenever spring/summer arrives I am excited to see what the fashion industry has in store for its consumers. 

Chanel is really a classic brand and I love everything about it. I can't afford their items.Oh gosh it makes my heart melt when I get close to soft leather. I have a few pieces of their things but I wish I could have more. Yes, I am a girl that way! But I know better... So I love their collection from afar! 

I have a Sales Attendant from the US that email me their latest delivery. I am happy to be part of her mailing list 'coz she doesn't share their items to everyone. People go crazy finding certain pieces. For Chanel's spring/summer collection I cannot imagine what the Purse Forum looks like right now. Here is what's on my wish list: 

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