Thursday, March 31, 2011


I have thin eyebrows and to make it fuller I need to use an eyebrow pencil. I have tried different kinds of eyebrow make-up and I have some favorites. As of now Shu Uemura's eyebrow pencil is my absolute must have. With the right shade you have very natural looking touch up on your brows and it is very easy to use.

Their brow pencil is long so you can use it forever (not literally) and it is easier to use.  Also, they sharpen it for you in a very special way. They angle it and the expose a good part of the shade. Shaping and enhancing your brows doesn't have to take forever when you use their eyebrow pencil. Sure, you're gonna have to visit your Shu Uemura store to get it sharpened but the good thing is wherever you go, whichever branch (around the world) they will gladly sharpen your eyebrow pencil for you.

Notice that very intricate bun on Shu Uemura's sales associate. I wonder how she did her hair... Hmmm...

Let me know if you have other great finds. Share it with us!! Next entry on beauty will be my Paul & Joe finds... Oh I am excited!!  =) 

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