Monday, March 21, 2011


I love going thru the magazine stands to see who made it to the cover of the glossies. Sometimes I cringe but most of the time I'm impressed. March is almost done but that is not stopping us from comparing notes right? 

Let's rate the covers of this month's magazines. Without naming the stylist here and photographer (just by first glance) let me know if its CHIKA or CHAKA!  =)  

Jennelyn Mercado: CHAKA!
Jeans and bikini top?? Did not pull off the look here... 

Lovi Poe: CHAKA!! 
Only because it came out same month as MEGA. 

Lovi Poe: CHIKA!!!
See, I told you the other one is CHAKA coz this is a cover shot! 

Maggie Wilson: CHIKA!!!
UNO always has a different style and I like this! Not their best but I still like!

Nicole Hernandez: CHIKA CHIKA CHIKA!!!
Ooohh...Let me grace Rogue Magazine! They have the best covers!!! 

Solenn Heussaff: Hmmm...CHIKA!
Hesitant but yes CHIKA! Only because I love her ROGUE Cover more! But she's my girl crush so LIKE THIS!!!

Maja Salvador: CHIKA!!
I love how she looks long here and they did not over do her make-up and force her to be a "model."

Georgina Wilson: CHIKA!
Hahahaha! They are hot! Look inside the magazine guys and girls. You will not be disappointed. Only I think Borgy works the Fierce Eyes better than Georgina. His eyes were different every shot and Gerogina looked kind of the same in every shot.

What say you? Who gets CHIKA and who gets CHAKA?? Post your comments!!!

Mojo Jojo, what do you think???

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  1. it will always be chika when its the copter on the cover

  2. chika si solenn and maja... They're both hot! Si jen, kadiri, she shouldve just stripped down. Is this cover out already? If yes they should recall this issue hahaha

  3. the last cover Georgina Wilson & Borgy Manotoc are super CHIKA, they both look hot & also Maja Salvador's METRO cover.. she look so goddamn hot with the sexy look & the heels..

  4. chika to solenn, george,borgy and maja..they're the weather, freakin' hot hot hot...

  5. chika to solenn, george,borgy and maja..they're like the weather, freakin' hot hot hot...

  6. chika to solenn, george,borgy and maja..they're like the weather, freakin' hot hot hot...

  7. definitely chaka jen!no sense of class.. georgina & solenn hmmm.. they can wear anything and still oozing with class and appeal.

  8. Jennylyn Mercado looks masculine. I don't like Lovi Poe's face and body--feeling hot (-_-). I like Maggie Wilson's legs. Nicole Hernandez looks gorgeous! She looks like Cristine Reyes in that shot. I'm not impressed by Solenn's body, her breasts are kind of flat, her tummy is not that nice and curvaceous. Maja's fine. Borgy's fine. Georgina Wilson will always be beautiful.

  9. jennylyn mercado's pose for men's health magazine cover just made her look like one real man. lol. so chaka!! would have been better if she wore a breezy summer dress than bikini top and jeans!