Monday, March 14, 2011


Just last week I had an interesting experience. I always wondered what it would be like shot by famous photographer Mark Nicdao. I now know 1st hand why he is a great photographer. I can sleep soundly at night now.

I remember last December tweeting the famed photographer saying something like this: 

My husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I said a photo shoot with @Marknicdao. He smiled.. I'm serious! 

Mark Nicdao humbly replied to my tweet saying

@angelicopter899 you have great taste! 

I do actually! Hahaha! Grab a copy of his coffee table book and check out his works on photographing celebrities and models. He does not disappoint. It's called VANTAGE and it is in leading bookstores (if there's still stock).

Here are some photos from our shoot for which I cannot disclose right now. You will soon find out. Very excited! Thanks for the whole team! You know who you are! 

I got to eat AFTER the whole shoot. It was all worth it! =) 


  1. my goodness chopper. i rank you number 1 on magic's hottest djs.

  2. wow, gorgeous looked so marvelous.. keep it on..

  3. you're so pretty.....!!!

    Hi... this is Ren

  4. if only you will give me a change to see you and give a kiss on will be an honor mam...for the most beautiful DJ i've ever seen...just text me if you will give me a chance...thanks...09163052183 - andrew