Sunday, March 27, 2011


It all started when I was still dating John (now my husband of 4 years and partner for 10 years).  Weekends every time there was a boxing match would definitely be spent at his house with a few friends, beer, grilled prawns and steak, and a hyped up John ready to explode as his idol would throw punches at his challenger.

Fan art by Mel Lontoc from Facebook

Yes, I am talking about the "Pambansang Kamao" here. My becoming a fan of Manny Pacquiao started with my husband. The thing is, when I love something or become a follower of someone I am 100% a SOLID FAN! So until this day you cannot bad mouth the Pacman to me because I can dry up your eardrums and defend my main man. Now that's just me...I will make sure to tell on you and let my husband do the rest of the work. Hahahaha!

I love my husband and really, since we've been together it has always been my dream to someway have him meet the CHAMP in person. I want to be the one to be able to give him that experience. We attempted once when there was a party in Republq at Resorts World. We didn't make it and Congressman Manny did not stay long enough for us to catch him inside the club. As soon as we got there he was walking out of the club with Jinkee and my husband and I froze at awe. 

So this time around I had a plan. I sent it out to the universe that this plan will work. I let all my friends know that if they have a PACMAN sighting to inform me right away. I was banking on the fact that my husband and I made a connection with Manny Pacquiao via twitter (thank you for making it tweet of the week). In case we get the guts to approach him we might have a chance to get a photo or two. 

Good friend of mine, Edwin Si, informs me of a possible PACMAN visit in their club that same night. I didn't inform my husband for two reasons: first is I wanted it to be a surprise, and second is that if it doesn't happen he won't be that disappointed. I told Edwin to ive me confirmation right away for John and I will be in Fort Bonifacio and their club, Excess, is all the way in QC.

At around 11pm, 10 minutes into our drinks in Fort Bonifacio, I get the confirmation that the PACMAN will be in Excess. I immediately told John to come with me and not to ask any questions: 

"Hun, let's go. We have to go...We have to go to QC. This is important and I can't explain now but let's go."

And he did stand up. I drove to QC but as soon as we got to the club he asked me what were doing there. He was pretty upset already (plus my outfit didn't really match the place and crowd...awkward). At this point I had to tell him.. He gave me "the look" and if he pulls that out there's no stopping him. So I told him and he was ecstatic. I as still nervous because I had to make sure this works. That we could get close to him.

Jinkee Pacquiao was already inside Excess and my husband and I were introduced to several of the people behind that club. I asked if I could go up and meet Jinkee. Ivan, their marketing head, brought me to her and introduced me. She is gorgeous and so thin and hot in her short shorts, ponytailed hair, sparkly headband, and PURPLE YSL TRIBUTE sandals. I love it! She was so friendly and I of course talked to her for a little bit so that she won't feel I'm a psycho fan. Photo op with my husband and yours truly.

I humbly asked if one day she can grant me an interview and she nicely answered yes and pulled out her Blackberry to exchange pins. Super hot momma and really a nice woman. Thank you Ms. Jinkee Pacquiao.

But of course the night is not yet over. We were all getting tensed as to why Manny wasn't there yet. It's getting late. John and Edwin even asked me to BB Message Jinkee and ask her if Manny was still coming. She replied and said yes. As soon as she confirmed this I told John and the rest of the guys that we should move location. They asked where and I said in the "Pacquiao Section" where there is one vacant table. They were hesitant and I told them they (bouncers) will not push you away because A: you are the owners of this club and B: they were very friendly and accommodating (It also helps that you have a girl in a short dress who has tired feet from wearing super high heels...WINK).

We were there...strategically located to not miss Pacquiao when he arrives... But where is he??? Oh my gulay! I just heard someone say that he was in the next table. How could we have missed him?? They were able to bring in Manny inside a club filled with fans without anyone noticing. Good job guys!! Hats off to that. John "went to the restroom" to check if he was indeed there. Came back to me super excited, big smile on the face saying: "He's there! He's there! Let's go!"

In my mind I was thinking it was now or never. All about the timing. I was nervous. Took a few more sips from my drink. John was a little disappointed that I was taking my time. He sat down and was restless... I stand up and immediately said with conviction "Let's do this!"

We went to their table and asked for a photo. All of them were very accommodating. They even asked me to sit with them for a while and was able to have more photos with Jinkee including Chavit Singson. After a little chit chat I stood back up noticing that John was talking to Manny. I joined them and Manny immediately talks to me and asked:

"Binili ka na ba ni John ng airplane? Did he take you out shopping already??"

Oh my gulay!!! He remember us from twitter! I love it!!! Dreams do come true. I can now scratch this off my list (and John's as well).  For years now we've been wanting to meet Manny Pacquiao. For years I've been wanting to do it for John and finally it happened! Thank you to all of my friends who endured our non-stop talks about Manny Pacquiao! Thank you to all of our friends, who, one way or another contributed to leading to this event in our lives! It is truly special for us and we greatly appreciate it.

This has been a long entry but I just really wanted to share the experience and I hope it touched you one way or another!! 

It is now time to go boxing!!


  1. Omigod! this is so cool cause you're lucky! :) My family and I spotted Jinkee while she was shopping at KCC mall during our trip to GenSan back in 2008 but we didn't get the chance to go near her cause she really had a lot of body guards surrounding her :)

  2. umitim si pacman sau chopper. hehe. anyway, two thumbs ako sau. :D

  3. logical_chaos:

    Dreams do come through ... As for John, time to put that credit card for something worthwhile.

  4. ..congrats chopper.. nice, nice, nice..

  5. I had so much fun reading this entry, Chopper. I can feel your excitement and fulfillment in meeting Manny Pacquiao. So cool that Id like to meet him narin :)) congrats! :)