Sunday, March 20, 2011


Because of recent developments in our radio show I have received a ton of email regarding showbiz and/or lifestyle gossip. Oh my gulay the horror! The horror on how unreal they all sound. I do not believe in most of them but then perhaps, like my gay co-host said we will let you be the judge.

So we thought of a blog segment: Chika or Chaka! I told you, he's my gay co-host hence the etymology of the segment's name. Hahahaha! The goal of this segment is to critique every story and industry secrets.  Whether it be in fashion, politics, lifestyle, movies, tele-seryes, shows, or gossips we will rate them! Chika or chaka!! Chika is a positive rate while Chaka (gay lingo for ugly) is obviously a bad score in our cards.

We will try to do this as often as we could. So let's start shall we? Why not start with YOUR favorite: GOSSIP!!!  SHOWBIZ GOSSIP!!!

This story involves an A-list female celebrity. We all love her and every girl wants to be her. Every female celebrity of her generation and the younger ones would love to be in her shoes. The princess of Philippine showbiz. A lot of negative gossips have been made before about this girl but it never really exploded out of proportion because she has a very great image. She is a very nice and good girl.

Daughter of another A-list celebrity, it must have been tough living behind the shadows of her parent/s.  Perhaps one of the reasons why she stayed away for a while? A friend's aunt saw her abroad and a lot of other Filipinas were delighted to see her as well.  They all grabbed pens and papers and got her autograph. She strictly asked though to not have photos taken of her. My friend's aunt swears on her life that this time she was pregnant (Seriously???!!).  How can this happen? Is this the reason why her mother so HATES her then boyfriend?? Im going blank here. 

I don't think this is true at all. Because if it were then that would mean her youngest sister, who takes a lot from her, would be her daughter?? NO WAY!!! 

You think?? UMAMIN KA NA KASI! 

Chika or Chaka???

I say Chaka!!!  No story this big can be kept under the wraps this long. What say you???

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  1. Chaka... Sa dami ng tsismosang kolumnista, I'm sure, nothing can escape especially from an A List Celeb.

  2. This is Reeya. I know this BI is BS.I think it's chaka as well. A lot of pictures of this "girl" were taken when she was abroad and none of those pictures look like she's pregnant. That story had been going on for a while and it's really just urban legend.

  3. I love this segment... Chopper is the Queen of Chismis :) Bwahahaha! I lurve it!

    ~ MOJO (aka the "gay co-host")

  4. Hint hint naman next time! More showbiz chika chaka! Gogogogogo!

  5. the momentary that particular celeb. Is really lying about her life, looks can deceive you. stare at her eyes. if a blink or either rolling of eyes happens she's totally lying. even the way of speaking. isn't that credible. ms. angelica, you're the most beautiful woman, brains with wits. I wanna be like you. top 1 spot should belong to you.

  6. "What really hurt was my first real heartbreak," she says, telling the story of an 18-year-old (her name) caught in a classic case of forbidden love, one which gave her no choice but to end it. "That was really a big heartbreak for me because it was forced. That's the worst kind of breakup—when it's not really your choice, but somebody else's dictation."
    - This was what she told Cosmopolitan Magazine in 2008.

    Help me out. I'm going blank here. So if she really got pregnant when she was 18, her child would be like 6 yrs old now, same sage as her sister? :)

  7. CHAKA!

    Actress Sharon Cuneta gives birth to baby girl

    Updated 07:03pm (Mla time) Sept 02, 2004
    By Christine Avendano
    Inquirer News Service

    ACTRESS Sharon Cuneta on Thursday gave birth to a baby girl, her second child by husband Senate Majority Leader Francis Pangilinan.

    According to Pangilinan, their new baby would be called Mariel Daniella Sophia, or Miel for short.

    Cuneta delivered her child via cesarean section at the Asian Hospital in Alabang, Muntinlupa around 6:30 a.m.

    Miel weighed 8.2 pounds and is 51 centimeters long, according to the proud father.

    Due to the birth of their child, Pangilinan skipped a hearing called by the Senate committee on constitutional amendments, according to committee chair Senator Richard Gordon who announced the good news to everyone present.