Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I have planned my day and right after radio work I was supposed to do my grocery shopping. Since it was timely that it was the SNR sale I decided to go there.

It was a short trip to the Bonifacio Global City branch. I was also thrilled that I didn't have to park because that is the problem when they have their sale.

As soon as I got there I wasn't surprised that there were no more shopping carts. It was like that last year. I was sure to find one inside.

Little did I know that what was waiting for me inside was beyond my expectations. Sure, SNR sale always gets full. You expect your "Titas" and her "amigas" hoarding all the chicken, towels, Spam, Dove soap. You will see an occasional "Dad" or "Husband" grabbing some wine and spirits off the rack.

What I did not expect is "go in and never move" kind of a situation. It would be packed before but you could still manage to get around and buy something. We were literally sardines in a can. Thank goodness no one farted while I was in there. Paranoid me decided to get out of there. It took me a while but thank goodness I got out.

I just hope that SNR can create a better system. Limit the number of people going in because that place today was an accident waiting to happen (fire? stampede? earthquake? Ring a bell).

Here are some photos I took from my phone while I was trying to squeeze my way out.

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  1. kasi eh. be a friend and shop wiser :-)

  2. The trick with S&R sales is to NOT go at the first day or last day of the sale. It's also best if you go early afternoon.

  3. went to alabang in the morning and in the evening. Morning of the first day is really quite a sardines but in the evening it is better. I believe today not much people as well.

  4. go to snr when everyone's at work, between 9 to 11:30am and 1:30 to 4:40pm :D