Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I understand when girls try to lose weight and see results they are amazed by it and want to lose more. Honestly, I was like that 2 weeks ago. I've been working out and eating healthy to lose the extra love handles or what not. 

I try to take care of my body, and I like looking and feeling good (who doesn't). I try to work-out three times a week with my boxing trainer (if I'm lucky) and I love the feeling after working out when I know I was able to sweat out all the unwanted calories. Endorphins make you happy! =) 

I am back to weighing 115 pounds. That's how much I weighed when I was in college. Two weeks ago I was contemplating on trying to lose another 5 pounds. My husband told me it will not look good anymore. I look at myself in the mirror (yes in my nakedness) to asses my body and yes, I am happy with where i am now. I am a size 2 from a size 4 and I feel great that I have learned how to make healthier options when it comes to my food (except now because I am having a delicious double chocolate chip cookies). Thank you to my husband who always keeps me up on my toes when it comes to health and fitness. I love you for that!!

Now can someone tell me what happened to this girl? Feed her please?? Audrina Patridge eat something...Anything!

I am very happy that our local celebrities do not go this far in terms of losing weight or trying to look thinner in front of the camera. We have Spanx for that  and Dra. Vicki Belo. 

Guys, I want to know, do you find this hot or sexy??  


Boy was I thrilled to hear that UFC Philippines is a step away (or two) from happening in the Philippines. We've heard Dana White, UFC President, mention a couple of times already how he recognizes that the Filipinos are big fans of UFC and when there becomes an international franchise Philippines will be one of the first countries that will have UFC.

Last Saturday (Manila time) during the UFC 130 weigh-in Dana White said this: 

"The Philippines is the closest one right now to get The Ultimate Fighter (TUF)...It will be the first Ultimate Fighter outside of the United States." 

Dana White continues by saying that TUF Philippines may happen as early as this year adding that he's been talking to UFC Filipino fighters Brandon Vera and Mark Munoz.

So let us speculate on how it will go down, yes?

It can be Team Vera vs. Team Munoz? But in the end Vera and Munoz will have to fight each other at catch weight if this happens. 

What do you guys (and girls) think??

Or we can have Team Philippines against Team Singapore (or any other country).  Just like how they had Team USA vs Team UK before but it was in the US so it wasn't yet an international TUF. 

Let me know what you guys think on how it's going to happen here in Manila and if you have information about it please email me at angelicopter899@gmail.com

As the unofficial UFC Philippines Insider, I am now heading out to do more research to report to you all!  ;) 

Monday, May 30, 2011


I do not know what to think of these photos. Well, Selena Gomez looks hot but together with Justin Bieber? It just reminds me that they're a very young couple that are doing adult things. Hahahaha! 

I saw the photos from Egotastic.com and for sure they know someone is taking their photo right? And their publicists couldn't care less because it's good publicity for Selena and Justin. I wonder how many Justin Bieber fans cried when they saw these photos??

I dedicate the Selena Gomez photos to my 17 year old sister. You can be sexy too! During the last set of our Ab-work out yesterday she screamed "I don't wasn't to be sexy. I will never be sexy."  Hahahaha!!! She's so funny!! 


After talking about Nutella on our radio show last week (thanks to me and my "baon" na Nutella) I got tweets about different favorite snacks of different people. A lot of people really love Nutella! 

So when I got home I checked out my food and snack stash to see what I have; what I always have!  You will find that it may include some breakfast food because my favorite meal ever is breakfast. I can have breakfast food for snack, lunch, snack, and dinner! I guess it has to do with my being a morning person, or it contributes to it.  

Anyway, here are some of my stash:

Need I say more?

Got them from Paris. Do we have them here??





HERO is just comforting! I love having my German breakfast. Good bread from Santis, pepper salami, eggs, liver sausage, and some marmalade!!! YUM!

Because Happy Day is by RAUCH I love it. They make the best juices!! You guys should always have a glass of juice in the morning instead of coffee!

 This is a new favorite. I like mustard on my Bratwurst (which I buy from Santis, yet again) and this mustard is the best that I've tasted so far. It's quite strong and sharp so if you're not a mustard type of person you might not like it.

Was at Santis buying breakfast food and found out they stopped selling Nutella (they want to stick to selling what's not in the other supermarkets). But I was on a total hazelnut craze. So they made me try this and said that if I did not like Choco Nussa I may return it and get my money back. I never returned it! It has more hazelnut flavor to it than Nutella. You guys should try it. i still buy my Nutella but I also have this just coz I love hazelnut!!

When I had to work in Europe for months I brought with me Purefoods Croned Beef! I love it!!! So unhealthy for me but I love it!!! 

Freshly made Maramalade is the best!!! You have to try it!!!

 If I'm looking to dine out for dinner then I have this for lunch. It is absolutely satisfying. I had some Clusters for dinner last night! I love it!!!

Like Angelica from Rugrats, I love cookies!! But I'm no mean girl. So cookie cereals? I say yes to that!!!

I try to get as much Fiber as I can in my body since I've been eating less, hence, less bathroom breaks. You guys should try this if you are not into the traditional oatmeal.

Totally hoarded Ferrero in Europe just coz they were selling for 2 Euros! Yes, 2 Euros!!! That's 120Php for this box of Ferrero!! Oh shame on me!!! It is just the best ever!! Comfort chocolate!!!

 I am happy they now have a 2-pack Chips Ahoy. Makes me feel less guilty about eating them. I don't have to eat 4 pieces at a time!! Can never give up Chips Ahoy!!! When I was a kid I totally cried when my cousin finished my striped Chips Ahoy. Just 'coz it was not available in stores here back then.

I love Marie cookies!!! I think I stopped buying them for my son and jsut started buying them for me!  

This you will find one in my bag all the time! It helps when I am in need of a sweet and an energy boost! Always have a healthy low-calorie snack on the go with you to avoid the drive-thrus and take-outs.

Just like their chewy granola bars, I love their cookies as well! =) Helps me when I'm on the go. And I get to buy it for me and my son already so I get to save some money there! When you eat healthy it helps the whole family!  ;) 


Because you know that Nutella and Ferrero is readily available nowadays, there is no need for you to have at it in one sitting. Ok? Think that it will always be there.  It is ok to eat our favorite non-healthy snacks or meals. Remember that they are SOMETIMES FOOD (as my niece would classify them).

LIVE, LOVE, EAT!!! -Wolfgang Puck 

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Sundays at home is the only day I can catch up with TV time. Whenever I find myself in our bedroom during the weekdays I try to get some sleep and play with my son. Oh and time with my husband too! 

Sundays are different. I am more rested and more relaxed so I get the chance to appreciate the little things. I tweeted this yesterday how I am loving the new Sky Broadband Ad campaigns. 

If I am not mistaken, the Ad Agency for this campaign is the same agency that does my favorite Cornetto ads now. I wish to be part of a witty ad campaign like the ones they make. They're pretty cool! 

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Disclaimer: I am not promoting violence by posting this entry. 

With recent events at home and how my husband is now concerned of our family's safety here in the country he wants to take matters into his own hands. I guess you can look at it that way. Yes, he has a gun (or two) that is licensed that he keeps somewhere safe at home (far from children). 

John decided that it's time I try to learn how to use the firearm we keep at home. I always say that there is no need for this. I always felt that if you keep or carry one all the more you are attracting negative energy in your life. I guess it's really because I am not comfortable around guns. Why? because what else is it used for?? To shoot people, right? Whether bad guys or not it is still used to shoot living beings (including animals for hunting).  So yes, I am uneasy around guns. Just looking at them makes me quiver.

But I decided to go to the shooting range with him to try it out since I might be able to save a life or two one day. We'll never know. We went with our friend RJ Rizada (PBA player for team Powerade/Coke), his friend Cyril Santiago, and some officials and PROs to teach me how to fire a gun.

(My husband is tall; He just stood in between 2 really tall basketball players so he looks like he's 5'2" here where in he's really 5'11") 

After some briefing on how to hold the gun, safety rules and guidelines the boys made me go first. I totally did not show them I was scared but so many things were going thru my mind. "What if the gun explodes? or What if I accidentally get hit?" Oh my gulay! I just went for it. Here is what happened on my first try.

Don't laugh too hard. I did get hurt... 

It looks more painful in person. Trust me!  After a few rounds I got more comfortable and I got a towel to cover my chest to avoid any more accidents. 

Be afraid...Be very afraid of the chopper! Hehehehe!!! I will try it again next week with my girl friend. Oh I am dreading it... That friend of mine plus me equals walking contradiction. Hahahaha!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


All the hype of the latest movie re-make that will be coming out, Temptation Island, makes me reminisce my favorite scene in the original film. The original Temptation Island by Joey Gosiengfiao starring Dina Bonnevie, Azenith Briones, Jennifer Cortez, Bambi Arambulo, Deborah Sun, and Ricky Belmonte is such a classic of their generation. 

If you're a girl who appreciates "kabaklaan" (gayness) you will love this movie. I am just a little worried on the re-make. It might be corny. Maybe they should've just done a "part two" instead of an actual re-make of the original. But let us hope for the best. 

In the mean time, enjoy this clip from the original film!  =) 

Monday, May 16, 2011


Kylie Minogue concert here in Manila is on July 5, 2011 at the Araneta Coliseum. When I first found out I was excited and was ready to go. But then again it will cost so much to get the good front row seats. So I have to be prudent. 

I have not yet purchased my ticket. Before I left for my vacation I remember talking about the rumored Britney Spears concert in Manila on air with my co-DJs at Good Times.  I was ecstatic! I have been waiting for Britney to come to Manila!

I have always been a Britney fan! When she hit her lowest I always hoped and prayed that she would make a come back and she did! She can still get bigger if she stays in the game. I hope she does! She is a total performer. Not the best singer but on of the best performers!!! 

With that said, I just decided to skip the Kylie concert and save my money to watch Britney in November!  More details soon!  I hope I get to interview her during the press conference.  Or to just be there actually!  I would love to dance with her too! Shake our shoulders together and do the shimmy! 

I love Britney Spears!!!  

Sunday, May 15, 2011


During my trip to Europe one of the things I enjoyed was the availability of so much "baby" things.  Once you are a parent, especially the mothers, you will realize how limited our choices are here in the Philippines. If only I were a billionaire I would so bring in so much things from abroad here to the Philippines to give consumers more choices and retailers more competition; healthy competition!

I stumbled upon this kid's clothing store in Zurich. It is Gassmann and it carries designer clothes and accessories for newborns, toddlers, and up to about 10 year old kids. From Gucci, to Roberto Cavalli, Fendi, Burberry, Simonetta (super nice Italian brand for kids), True Religion and a whole lot more. If I had a lot of money I would probably get my son a few things from that store just because they are super adorable. So nice of them to allow me also to take some photos. 

I like True Religion jeans but I love Replay more so I got my son and I matching Replay Jeans in Italy (since it's made there and it's more affordable there).

Cute Gucci swimming trunks!

I wanted to buy this but I wasn't willing to pay that amount! Hehehe!

Back to reality Angelika. They are just super adorable. Sorry I wasn't able to take photos of the girls' clothes. I got overwhelmed with all the choices little boys had in this store. Maybe I should open my own boutique for children... Hmmm...