Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Boy was I thrilled to hear that UFC Philippines is a step away (or two) from happening in the Philippines. We've heard Dana White, UFC President, mention a couple of times already how he recognizes that the Filipinos are big fans of UFC and when there becomes an international franchise Philippines will be one of the first countries that will have UFC.

Last Saturday (Manila time) during the UFC 130 weigh-in Dana White said this: 

"The Philippines is the closest one right now to get The Ultimate Fighter (TUF)...It will be the first Ultimate Fighter outside of the United States." 

Dana White continues by saying that TUF Philippines may happen as early as this year adding that he's been talking to UFC Filipino fighters Brandon Vera and Mark Munoz.

So let us speculate on how it will go down, yes?

It can be Team Vera vs. Team Munoz? But in the end Vera and Munoz will have to fight each other at catch weight if this happens. 

What do you guys (and girls) think??

Or we can have Team Philippines against Team Singapore (or any other country).  Just like how they had Team USA vs Team UK before but it was in the US so it wasn't yet an international TUF. 

Let me know what you guys think on how it's going to happen here in Manila and if you have information about it please email me at angelicopter899@gmail.com

As the unofficial UFC Philippines Insider, I am now heading out to do more research to report to you all!  ;) 


  1. Well, those two are well known but to kick start UFC here, they should probably find explosive and exciting fighters to get the hype going.

  2. Wasn't there a local group that does a similar thing to the UFC except they used a boxing ring instead of the octagon? Can't remember their group's name right now ....

    Those guys are all about action!

  3. @joel It's the URCC. but then we already have a lot of promotional MMA events here in the Philippines, for example, Fearless.

    @arman yes we have alot of exciting and explosive fighters. But the thing is we are a rather conservative country and MMA is kinda not making it at the "limelight" but with TUF here it's a superb kickstart to boost MMA here.

    @angelica Ima frustrated mma fighter as well but didn't make it haha so i guess i can help you out as an unofficial UFC Philippines Insider haha

  4. i never thought that this blog's owner is actually a FILIPINO?? woah! Awesome! Don't you know Justin Bieber just shared one of your blog on facebook?^^


  6. As a fight fan, I am looking forward to having a TUF series staged in the country. I, however, have a few qualms about it.

    The UFC will most likely be getting some of our local fighters in the TUF house, and that means one of them will have a shot at a 6-digit UFC contract. What bothers me a bit is that, for one thing, fighting in a cage takes a lot of getting used to, especially if a fighter has fought in a ring all his life. I had the chance to talk to the URCC's (the country's biggest MMA promotion company) head honcho, Alvin Aguilar, and they have no plans in making the switch from a ring to a cage.

    Another thing is even though we have top notch strikers, most of our local guys are kind of below par when it comes to their ground game. The only Filipino fighter who was able to attain a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is Alvin Aguilar (and he doesn't even fight professionally). Most of our fighters are still in the blue/brown belt range, and for a sport like BJJ, moving up is still a long long way to go.

    I'm just hoping that if this pushes through, the UFC would bring in world class trainers and the best training program for our local fighters. Sad to say (and not to bring them down or anything), but they still have a lot of catching up to do.

    By the way, were you able to catch last Sunday's fight? Boring card, eh? It would've been a full-blown snoozer, if it weren't for the Stann-Santiago and Browne-Struve fights.

  7. UFC in the phil?...
    copeter, would be the best host for it..
    and a round girl at same time..hahai...

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