Wednesday, May 25, 2011


All the hype of the latest movie re-make that will be coming out, Temptation Island, makes me reminisce my favorite scene in the original film. The original Temptation Island by Joey Gosiengfiao starring Dina Bonnevie, Azenith Briones, Jennifer Cortez, Bambi Arambulo, Deborah Sun, and Ricky Belmonte is such a classic of their generation. 

If you're a girl who appreciates "kabaklaan" (gayness) you will love this movie. I am just a little worried on the re-make. It might be corny. Maybe they should've just done a "part two" instead of an actual re-make of the original. But let us hope for the best. 

In the mean time, enjoy this clip from the original film!  =) 


  1. its cool...ngayon ko lang napanoud ito hahaha

  2. much better if they added Ms. Eugene Domingo in the remake

  3. well......
    the one women whom kept on dancing while two where trying to claw each others eyes out, was interesting.

    i never see E.Domingo anymore because she switched from ABC-CBN and we dont subscribe to GMA here in Connecticut. (we are too poor to have both)

    i am not sure Eugene fits the role of the ladies i see in the 1980 film clip.
    maybe if she is fighting with Ai-Ai or dancing with Pokewan.

  4. ganda talaga ng original na temptation island...

  5. the new temptation island trailer is now in youtube,
    here's the link