Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Karl Lagerfeld, Heads the House of Chanel, was commissioned by Coca Cola to design special limited edition Coke Light bottles in Paris, France.

You know you're an icon if you have a "look" that everyone recognizes and make images out of it. I love Lagerfeld's image here.

Launched a few weeks ago I had the hardest time finding those Coke bottles. No, I do not collect Coke bottles but I am a big fan of Tito Karl (and a Chanel lover).

Finally, earlier today I was lucky to find some at Pritemps department store. My friend Arnold who collects Coke bottles was super happy also!

This series of Lagerfeld bottles come in 3 different designs and costs €49 for all 3 as opposed to a regular bottle here which costs about €1.95 each.

Let me know if you think it is worth it. I bought it because it's a collectible and it's Karl Lagerfeld's design (and maybe because I didn't want to get left behind).

I just hope I meet Tito Karl in person soon. Perhaps in one of his Mobile Art exhibits. For now it's Coke-Chanel for me! ;)

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