Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Being part of a great and fun radio show and radio station has certainly open its doors for.  I feel blessed!  Thank you! 

Over an hour ago I just finished doing an interview with Ms. Angel Aquino. No, I did not interview her. She interviewed me. Wow!! I never thought in my life that would happen but it did. I am one lucky girl!

Nine years ago I remember seeing Angel Aquino in Boracay. She was sun bathing with her daughter in front of Pearl of the Pacific at station one.  I fell in love with her beauty and body. I told myself that I will strive to be like her. She's a mother of 2 lovely daughters but yet look at her. She is gorgeous, healthy, sexy, has an awesome career, and she is happy! 

As soon as she got to my house for the interview I kept my composure but of course I told her that I'm a huge fan for years now. I look up to her. I am one of the many women she inspires. 

She is the sweetest and nicest person one can meet. I am nobody to her. Seriously! But she was so nice to me and it was sincere. We exchanged beauty tips, parenting tips, and some stories. She took her time to listen to me even after the shoot. She did not rush to leave or anything like that. 

To top that off, she sent me text message thanking me and all. What?? Is this really happening?? I am so happy that is why I am sharing this moment with you. I hope we all have more of these moments. I also learned a few more things about Angel and I will share them with you.

1) She also gets conscious even if she's almost perfect (if not yet); but it's ok.

2) It's ok to wear a bikini even if you have stretch marks. She doesn't care.
    Honestly I didn't not notice her stretch marks in Boracay.

3) She eats brown rice, like me, to stay healthy.

4) She does not stay under the sun as much as she wants to anymore because it is bad for our skin. But she loves the sun. I love her color! 

5) She grew up in Marikina, where I live now. 

6) She is also Capampangan like me! 

7) She doesn't always get to put lotions or moisturizers and other stuff when she's tired and lazy to do so. 

Bottom line, she's like every single one of us. It was very nice to meet you Angel Aquino. Highlight of my week! 


  1. I also had the wonderful opportunity to meet Angel a few years ago. She interviewed me too, also for US girls. I was the guest interior decorator at that time. I have to agree that she is indeed the sweetest and nicest person one can meet. I love her!

  2. i met her same place where i met u angleica, when im still a bartender. Yes shes very down to earth person and preety like you. CHILIS GREENHILSS