Sunday, May 15, 2011


During my trip to Europe one of the things I enjoyed was the availability of so much "baby" things.  Once you are a parent, especially the mothers, you will realize how limited our choices are here in the Philippines. If only I were a billionaire I would so bring in so much things from abroad here to the Philippines to give consumers more choices and retailers more competition; healthy competition!

I stumbled upon this kid's clothing store in Zurich. It is Gassmann and it carries designer clothes and accessories for newborns, toddlers, and up to about 10 year old kids. From Gucci, to Roberto Cavalli, Fendi, Burberry, Simonetta (super nice Italian brand for kids), True Religion and a whole lot more. If I had a lot of money I would probably get my son a few things from that store just because they are super adorable. So nice of them to allow me also to take some photos. 

I like True Religion jeans but I love Replay more so I got my son and I matching Replay Jeans in Italy (since it's made there and it's more affordable there).

Cute Gucci swimming trunks!

I wanted to buy this but I wasn't willing to pay that amount! Hehehe!

Back to reality Angelika. They are just super adorable. Sorry I wasn't able to take photos of the girls' clothes. I got overwhelmed with all the choices little boys had in this store. Maybe I should open my own boutique for children... Hmmm...


  1. Wish I got all the money in the world. I'll definitely buy all those for my son. Shopping for boys here in PH is kinda frustrating. Not much stuff to choose from :(

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