Thursday, May 26, 2011


Disclaimer: I am not promoting violence by posting this entry. 

With recent events at home and how my husband is now concerned of our family's safety here in the country he wants to take matters into his own hands. I guess you can look at it that way. Yes, he has a gun (or two) that is licensed that he keeps somewhere safe at home (far from children). 

John decided that it's time I try to learn how to use the firearm we keep at home. I always say that there is no need for this. I always felt that if you keep or carry one all the more you are attracting negative energy in your life. I guess it's really because I am not comfortable around guns. Why? because what else is it used for?? To shoot people, right? Whether bad guys or not it is still used to shoot living beings (including animals for hunting).  So yes, I am uneasy around guns. Just looking at them makes me quiver.

But I decided to go to the shooting range with him to try it out since I might be able to save a life or two one day. We'll never know. We went with our friend RJ Rizada (PBA player for team Powerade/Coke), his friend Cyril Santiago, and some officials and PROs to teach me how to fire a gun.

(My husband is tall; He just stood in between 2 really tall basketball players so he looks like he's 5'2" here where in he's really 5'11") 

After some briefing on how to hold the gun, safety rules and guidelines the boys made me go first. I totally did not show them I was scared but so many things were going thru my mind. "What if the gun explodes? or What if I accidentally get hit?" Oh my gulay! I just went for it. Here is what happened on my first try.

Don't laugh too hard. I did get hurt... 

It looks more painful in person. Trust me!  After a few rounds I got more comfortable and I got a towel to cover my chest to avoid any more accidents. 

Be afraid...Be very afraid of the chopper! Hehehehe!!! I will try it again next week with my girl friend. Oh I am dreading it... That friend of mine plus me equals walking contradiction. Hahahaha!


  1. Tawa ako nung nag-3points yung basyo e. Hahahaha!!!

    But nice one chopper! Yeahmen!

  2. nice! i myself is a lady who has two firearms. at these times, we can never tell, so we have to be really prepared (at least have some know-how)

    plus,(some) men usually find women, who can shoot, really sexy! hubs loves it when i shoot alphas (that's bull's eye) ....especially if you hit the range on high heels. deeemn! :)

    hope to bumped into you in the range (though i shoot in camp crame)

  3. "uhm, you may hear them say that ladies who can shoot are scary...but deep inside, they see you to be really hot and sexy!" ^_^

  4. Always, always point a gun downwards when not shooting. Noticed there were instances where the gun was pointed up. Not naman matagal (just a sec maybe) but still ...

    They should've made you wear an ear muff or at least an ear plug so it wouldn't be too loud for the shooter.

  5. mamula mula.. yum yum