Sunday, April 10, 2011

THIS IS SO COOL!! Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir 2.0, 'Sleep'

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir was just launched the other day and it is absolutely great! Over 2,000 videos collected months ago from countries worldwide, including the Philippines!! 

Ryan Aimel Estandarte kept me updated with the progress of the Virtual Choir 2. Let's just say I interviewed him via email and when asked on how they prepared for this here is what he said: 

"The scores were given I think early of 2010, inviting everyone to join in with no auditions (unlike the first one where they gave free scholarships for the best one per voice). All that you have to do was to record yourself singing a certain part of the score (either you're Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass) then upload it in youtube. You can also record with a choir singing this score too which was different unlike the first one.

4 Filipinos joined in the virtual choir (including myself) where 3 are from Manila while one is from Visayas. If you want to see the entire cast or the location where the singers are from, you can visit

The first deadline of the submission of the videos was December 31, 2010. However, it was moved to January 10, 2011 as mentioned in Eric Whitacre's tweet due to the heavy snow fall then. The final release of the video based on the latest blog entry will be some time April of this year."

True enough it is April and the Virtual Choir 2 is here! Can you spot our fellow "kababayans" in this video of Virtual Choir 2?? 

Anna Salvina Fontanilla for Soprano 1
Celia Binas for Alto 2
Vincent Paul Evangelista for Tenor 1
Tristan Custodio for Tenor 2 and Bass 1

Congratulations for making it to the Virtual Choir! We hope to hear more of you! Perhaps a Philippine dedicated Virtual Choir since we have Filipinos all over the world!  What do you guys think??


  1. I hope more PINOYs will be intrested in Choral Singing!

  2. Hanapin ninyo ako dito! Hehehehehe!

    Clue: Nakita ako twice.

    Thanks chopper! Full name ko pa ang ginamit. Hahaha!

  3. Seeing this finished product made me regret why I got sick during the week of the deadline! Promise! I'll join next time! :D

  4. I was just telling one of my "co-conspirators" on this project that I'm based in the US but would have liked to geo-tag myself as being from QC. Count me in as one of the Pinoys here... I'm sure many more will pop out as well! :)

  5. Hi Angelic..
    I'm so happy to see my name in your blog. And so glad for this chance meeting you as my "kababayan" who have been a part of Mr. Eric Whitacre's phenomenal VC "Sleep.20". Thank you for having here your beautiful homepage and meet you.. best regards. Cdbinas

  6. By the way. I was singing with the group in Alto 1 and Alto 2 ..thanks again..

  7. Guys,

    Eric Whitacre will be having another virtual choir. Here's his tweet earlier today:

    RT @EricWhitacre: Sorry to keep teasing: we are getting very, very close to a Virtual Choir 3 announcement. Incredibly exciting concept this time around...