Sunday, April 24, 2011

EURO 2011

I have not blogged in a while because I am still here in Europe enjoying my vacation. Now that I have some time to share with you what I have been doing please take the time and read my entry.

Planning this trip took some effort from yours truly. I like immersing myself in the culture of the city I am visiting so I do not like joining the tour groups or cruise that travel agencies offer. Some prefer that, I just don't. 

My husband and I, together with out friends/business partners, are on a three-week trip in Europe. The route is Manila-Paris-Zurich-Venice-Rome-Florence-Paris-Manila. I know you are all wondering why we did Rome before Florence or why we have to go back to Paris. Well here is why, with the dates that we choose to be in Europe we had to be in Rome before Florence because we did not want to join the rest of the crowd visiting the Vatican for Pope John Paul II's beatification (he will now become Blessed Pope John Paull II). That is one step away from becoming a Saint. 

Second, Florence has to be our last stop for shopping. You will soon find out why as I blog our trip in partial fulfillment (sounds like my high school term paper). You have seen some of the things I saw in Paris. Let me just share what we did during our first stop there.

My husband proposed to me in Paris and I have great memories there from several trips in that lovely city so it has been our deal, John and I, to always go to Paris whenever in Europe. For the first few days I immersed myself in chocolate croissants! My favorite in the world! Only the best in France! The right amount of semi-sweet chocolate inside that perfectly flaky croissant! 

Soon after breakfast we walk the streets of Paris. Well, not most of the time because we would take the Metro. I wish that our "MMDA Art" could be more elaborate like the ones in Paris' Metro tunnels.

I guess it is only fitting that I share with you some artistic creations that I loved in Paris at the Les Marais area. There are a lot of galleries in that area and you get to discover new artists from different parts of the world. Forgive me if I am not able to site the artists as of the moment. I have their profiles in my luggage back in Paris. 

I will post more about these artists when I get home. Moving on, I had to make a quick stop in Champs Elysees to buy some moisturizing products since the weather is making my skin flaky and dry.

Forgot to bring my hair brush so I had to buy one; Body milk and facial cleanser that is moisturizing at the same time. Sephora brands are actually good products. 

 I need a more intense moisturizer for the face so I bought this from Clinique and it came with an eye cream already. Plus, SPF 25 is helping my face from burning and sun damage that can lead to premature skin aging.

 Then I spotted these pretty things! Sold out in Manila so I had to get some right?? Hahahaha! 

I wasn't really planning on buying. I was just looking around when this guy right here started putting bronzer and eye make-up on me. I also had to ask if he was gay (because he did NOT seem gay). He said "I like girls and only girls." He probably thought I was trying to hit on him so I paid for my stuff and left. Hahahaha! 

 I got a Wonder Woman bronzer, eye palette, and a lip gloss all from MAC.

I also had to get these band aids for my toes. i don't want to hurt myself from walking. It has a cushion and aloe vera and salicylic acid to help heal blisters just in case you have one or two already. I will stock up on these!! Hehehehe!! 

My tummy is now growling and I can smell the pizza and pasta waiting for me outside at San Marco. I have to go and enjoy the rest of my trip. I will update you more later. So many things to share and blog about. In the mean time you can all laugh at my toes "cramping on my style" because I walked too much! Hahahaha! 

P.S. I am going back to Paris in a week so let me know if you have some stores you want me to visit. Share your Paris favorites by emailing me at


  1. Gel, if you get a chance you should visit COLETTE in Paris. It sells the latest designer streetwear and accessories and stuff. I'm sure John will find stuff that he'll like (and they have women's clothes/accessories too)

    Take care!

    Kuya Jon (Morales)


  2. Hi kuya John! We actually went to Colette. Unfortunately I couldn't take any photos. Hehehehe! It is in Saint Honor. Super nice shop! Cool stuff!! Will drop by again when we get back next week.

  3. Ate Gel - I agree, go to Laduree on Champs Elysees and have the macaroons. They are the best! - Bubbs

  4. it's actually Saint Honore

  5. nice tootsies, luv!