Tuesday, July 26, 2011


As promised, here are some photos I took with the NBA Players that visited and played for team SMART ALL STARS! 

Thank you sir MVP for having me and now officially part of Sports5 I am very excited as to what is in line ahead.  Mixed Martial arts, Boxing, Basketball, Football... A whole lot of good things ahead. Watch out guys! AKTV on IBC 13, Sports5's sport channel, has a whole lot of surprises for everyone. I guess you'll be seeing more of me there. =) 

Got this from Facebook...Decided to just walk up to Kobe Bryant during half time and ask him to sign my ID. He did!!

Of course I asked for a photo! He was nice to say yes...

 And another one for safety!  =) 

Look at how happy I was checking my phone to see if we had a good photo! Hehehehe!! 

 I was that close!! All the action right in front of my eyes. I was kinda hoping that Kobe, or Rose, would land on me. Hahahaha!

Well, I guess I was...I don't know what I was thinking here. Hahahaha! 

 That night I decided to go to KYSS and look who was there?? Durant and McGee inside the DJs booth having fun! 

Kevin Durant was enjoying himself!  And the crowd loved him! He was rapping away...All I could remember were some Jay-Z songs.

So I guess that is Javale's paparazzi face? hahaha! He wasn't disappointed or anything. He was just trying to give a tough look.  ;)  And I was standing on a chair in the DJ's booth to get this shot..

This photo with Durant I asked him to smile 'coz McGee would not. Hahaha!  And he did. He was very friendly. He asked what song I wanted, I told him anything Jay-Z and he asked the DJ to play some Jay-Z.  He asked for my name and he was calling out "angelicopter blah blah blah" on the microphone. 

I wish Rose was there... He was not. Tyreke Evans and Fisher were there along with their entourage. Fisher was at our table and he was really nice and a good boy. Was drinking water the whole night and just watching over his boys, I guess. 

The first day of the ALL STARS Weekend was just amazing. I have more photos and videos to post. So visit my blog again soon! 



  1. You are really pretty! How can the players say no? =)

  2. ohh i love this blog.. very cool experience with the all stars... nice chop! =P

  3. sayang wla kang picture ni Tyreke Evans or Harden? :)

  4. you were so cute right there. you look like a teenager

  5. who banged you the hardest?

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