Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Don't you just love receiving gifts? It's even better when it's not for any specific occasion. I received a goody bag from Forever21 today and i love their gifts. Thank you so much Forever21!

They told me that you can also get these items for free and/or at a discounted price with a minimum purchase of Php5,000.00 in store. Don't forget to ask the cashier for your coupon. This is part of their anniversary promotions this month. Yipee! This one is unilateral July 11, 2011 only if I'm not mistaken.

They have other gift items to be given away from Nivea, One Natirale, Tous Perfumes, and Clean and Clear.

For the golfers out there, or maybe just for the rainy season, get your free limited edition Forever21 foldable golf umbrellas for a minimum purchase of Php3,000.00 only. Nice! No photo of the umbrella yet because mine has bornite been delivered. Hahahahaha!

And if you're eyeing on that GE Digital Camera then you're in luck because SM Gadgets will be giving away coupons for great discounts! Clap clap!

Who knows, we might give away more gadgets on the show or here on my blog. ;)

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  1. Is this how you will try to get your fans and followers back? By giving them free things? Bilib din naman ako sayo Ms Angelicopter! Basta sa mga promo ang bilis mo pero pagdating sa fans wala ka pakealam! I was a loyal fan, ngayon ayaw na kita. Plastik ka tulad ng boobs mo!!!

  2. I Love the cam angelica , and i always listen to good times :>

  3. i love your radio show Angelica,I am a big fan of Good times :> hope you read this :> :>

  4. how's the color saturation, fidelity, and shutter performance of the GE camera.

  5. I love angelicopter! & i love your blog! keep blogging!

  6. Hey angelica, sorry if i posted here, cause i cant find your profile on facebook. i am an avid listener of magic, just never had the guts to call but i guess i am desperate, i heard you are planning to have a tattoo of you kid or something about motherhood, hope you can make a blog out of it im planning to have mine too, but here is the catch its a signed autograph of Jonathan Davis of KORN in my arm im not asking asking for a concert ticket just help me out to meet him and have my arm signed just like Mohan's arm signed by pau gasol if you did't know thankz more power to you